September 4, 2011

Boston, Hong Kong

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A few weeks after seeing them in Taipei, I met up with my friends from Shanghai again, but this time in Hong Kong.  This guy has cravings for really local stuff, including stuff from his (and mine) childhood memories.  We agreed to meet for lunch at Boston Restaurant (波士頓餐廳).  I've passed by this place a hundred times, but never had the urge to go in to check it out.  Well, I guess it was finally time.

The place has been open since the 60s, and is one of those old-style steakhouses common in Asia from that time - which locals here call "soy sauce Western food (豉油西餐)".  I, too, like to indulge in nostalgia once in a while.

As is typical, we start with a bowl of soup, and there is only ever once choice for me - borscht (羅宋湯).

My friend goes for the classic beef brochette flambe (鐵板火焰牛柳), but I take a pass and go for something else that doesn't have a chance of burning off my eyebrows.  Garoupa and Tenderloin (石斑牛柳) was what I felt like today, with that surf and turf twist.  I got it with garlic sauce, and the waitress poured it on top and advised me to hold up my paper napkin so that the sizzle doesn't splatter onto my clothes.  Haven't done that in a long time!

The garoupa had a lot of batter but I didn't mind.  The meat was OK but of course nowhere near the quality of the beef that I just had for lunch yesterday.  My friend joked that at places like this, you are being served "mystery meat" and you learn not to ask questions.

Having dispensed with our meals quickly, and not wishing to stick around a place where we are surrounded by flaming/sizzling meat, we walked across the slightly greasy and sticky floor and left.  My friend's craving has been satisfied, and we adjourned somewhere else for a cup of coffee.


flights to manila said...

Boston and Hong Kong have a lot of things in common. One glaring example is that both places offer a melting pot of cultures. The main product is cuisine.

layana resort and spa koh lanta said...

Those look delicious. Looks like it would be great to eat there at Boston Restaurant and try out those food. I would love to try out that beef brochette flambe.


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