March 13, 2012

My golden fix

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A couple of friends knew I was back in town and wanted to do lunch at one of my favorite places, so we booked a table at Gold, knowing that I'm having a hard time finding decent pasta in Taipei.  It would, of course, be silly for me to refuse, given how much I love the place and the big man…

I was really, really boring today… I didn't even want to take the set lunch.  All I could think of was one thing, and one thing only - my beloved hand-crafted tagliatelle, Italian wild boar ragout, melting organic egg and shaved Pecorino cheese.  O how I have missed thee!  The wobbly egg was absolutely awesome.  The pasta was nice and slightly al dente.  Perhaps my palate has changed somewhat since I moved to Taipei, but I found the ragout a little heavier than I remembered.  Nevertheless, the dish was still delicious, and I was so happy to be back having my comfort dish.

I was kinda full, even though I didn't have any breakfast this morning.  I guess my stomach has shrunk over the last few months...


Unknown said...

I also think the Ragu/Ragout to have become heavier : )

It is a good thing for a wild boar dish!

Btw, can someone send me over some Sadaharu Aoki stuff please... xD

Lowongan Kerja said...

Love pasta with ragu.. Yummm..


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