December 12, 2012

An Alcoholic Lot

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Ever since that interview article in the papers came out, the Alcoholics have been asking me to take them to On Lot 10, with a couple of special requests.  Apparently it was thought that they'd eat better with me around, although I think that's hardly the case…  Anyway, I did make arrangements with David a couple of weeks in advance, and crossed my fingers and hoped that everything would work out like they always had.

We started with a very special bouillabaisse.  Some of us were allergic to prawns (but not other shellfish), so I requested for David to use lobster and crab instead.  A Staub cocotte showed up at the table, bearing the brown, seemingly brackish liquid that, in fact, is fit to be called les gouttes de Dieu.  We were prepared to see someone lap up 4 bowls of this…

But what always draws the attention of the other tables is the huge pan that bears all that went into the soup… or what I jokingly called 湯渣 in Cantonese.  If one absolutely must eat the "dregs" or "sediment", then one can do a lot worse than what was laid out in front of us.  Local lobsters, flower crab, carabineros, squid, mussels and a whole local sea bass line-caught around Tun Muen (屯門).  Majority of the ingredients were caught locally.  Absolutely awesome.  David and his staff had totally underestimated us - we actually managed to finish easily 80% of this…

And yes, there were prawns… David decided to put in a few of my favorite carabineros, and i probably sucked out of the heads of at least 4 or 5 of them…

The only other dish we pre-ordered was a truffled chicken.  This was steamed in a Staub oval cocotte, with pastry baked around the lid so that it acted like a seal, keeping all the moisture inside.

The chicken was local, much to the Specialist's disappointment.  I thought it was absolutely perfect.  There was a little more fat, as expected, and the bird was very, very moist and tender.  I asked for breast meat, and even that was amazingly succulent.

Of course the slices of black truffle under the skin really made the dish, but the carrots, turnip and crosnes all helped to make things very yummy.

No other dishes were coming, and for the first time that I can remember, I didn't feel like my stomach was about to burst.  It was just about the right amount of food.  I was happy.

We were graced by ILoveLubutin's presence at the end of the evening, as she came in straight from the airport after landing.  We managed to save her some bouillabaisse, but that wasn't actually what she was gunning for...

We finished up with the usual desserts, from ILoveLubutin's favorite eye candy.  The chocolate tart was very good.  I could eat a couple of wedges of this without blinking an eye.

But I still prefer the tarte aux poires.  One of these days I'll get myself a whole tart… and try to inhale it all in one go… OK, maybe half.

Several of the Alcoholics were in weakened conditions, and the consumption level went down a little… for once.

Jacques Selosse Rosé, disgorged Jul 27, 2010 - very smooth on palate.  Nose was sweet, with caramel, cotton candy, desiccated coconut, plum, Chinese licorice and a little marmalade.  A beautiful wine.  A Selosse.

1996 Michel Colin-Deléger Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru La Truffière - mineral and roast on the nose.  Reasonably balanced on the palate.

1995 Vieux Château Certan en magnum - lots of cigar box, toast, savory minerals, smoke, black fruits, a little sweet, minty and dried herbs.  Not drinking badly at all.  My contribution.  Opened 3 1/2 hours prior and decanted 1 1/2 hours prior to drinking.

1995 Guigal La Mouline - VERY sharp and alcoholic, with dried herbs, slightly floral, and later all of a sudden cocoa butter showed up 3 hours after decanting.  Also pine and toffee notes.  Not drinking well.

A pretty long and happy evening, but after 5 visits in about 10 weeks, perhaps it's time for a little break...

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