December 8, 2012

Ready to feed Hong Kong

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A while ago Tigger posted about the partnership between Feeding Hong Kong and Pret A Manger, and asked us to support Feeding Hong Kong by channeling business to Pret.  Pret A Manger has pledged to donate 1 HKD for every Christmas sandwich that they sell, or roughly 4% of the revenue from this item.  Proceeds will go to provide hot meals for the needy in partnership with Feeding Hong Kong.

Today I had the privilege to join Tigger, Gabrielle and the team from Pret A Manger at one of their Christmas lunch events.  Christian Action hosted a luncheon for underprivileged single mothers and their children, and I was there to witness the three parties in action as they managed to feed a group of hungry moms and kids.

Pret delivered plenty of food and drinks, with 3 turkeys, stuffing, sliced ham, roasted potatoes, hot dogs, sausages, fried rice...etc on the menu.  Thankfully the experienced team from Pret were on hand and expertly carved up the turkeys.

The delicious food supplied by Pret turned the frown on this little girl's face into a happy smile in a matter of minutes...

The kids and their moms had plenty of food for lunch...

Even Tigger got into the action and served up some turkey stuffing, although he did get rejected by a couple of kids who didn't want to try it...

...and surprise, surprise!  Santa dropped in for a visit, passing out gingerbread men and spending so time with the kids.

I think this little kid really liked his cupcake...

Soon Santa was passing out presents to the kids, generously donated by Tigger's sister and friends.  I can imagine that this Hello Kitty backpack totally just made this little girl's day...

I definitely saw a lot of smiling faces all around today, as these families enjoyed a sumptuous meal and went home with Christmas presents.  All part of the effort by Feeding Hong Kong, Pret A Manager and Christian Action in helping the less fortunate during the festive holiday season.  Won't you join them in giving back to the community?  Please support their efforts by purchasing Pret A Manger's Christmas sandwich, or visit Island East Markets on December 9th and 16th and drop off some groceries/excess Christmas hamper items at the Feeding Hong Kong booth.

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