June 29, 2013

MRE Week day 6: southwest style beef

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Day 6.  Almost done.  Lunch today was relatively heavy, as I regretted taking a desert which turned out to be gigantic.  Thankfully the Pu'er tea (普洱茶) my friend shared with me after lunch helped the digestion a little.

The package today contained the following items:

Main dish: Southwest style beef and black beans with sauce

Side dish: Apple sauce

Snack #1: Multigrain snack bread

Snack #2: Chocolate chip cookie

Strawberry jam

Powder for orange-flavored drink

Plus flame-less heater, spoon and seasoning.

Southwest style beef and black beans - it's hard to top the sloppy joe last night, and this was a little disappointing.  No surprise that the beef is overcooked and tough, and I'm getting a little bored of all this "southwest style"/Tex-Mex flavors…  Isn't there anything that doesn't come with chili powder?!  Well, at least this dish has a little more weight to it… compared to the very watery chicken gumbo on Wednesday.

The wine I chose to pair with this dish tonight was the 2010 Le Coq Rouge - made with 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Grenache, 10% Merlot, 10% Syrah.  Minty, farmy, pungent, ever so slightly savory, black fruits.  Reasonably concentrated with some tannins, yet medium-soft on the palate.  The back label said that this would go with piri piri chicken or penne arabiata… so it's meant to go with spicy food.  Actually it wasn't so bad, as the wine was reasonably soft and my tongue didn't burn too badly.  OK for HKD 69 I guess…  The last of the trio from Sacha Lichine.

Apple sauce - third time having the same apple sauce this week…

Multigrain snack bread with strawberry jam - definitely can feel the bits of grain between my teeth.  Drier and tougher.  Need lots of liquid to be able to swallow it down.

Chocolate chip cookie - third time having this huge cookie this week…

…aaaaand we're back to this damn orange drink…  Gettin' real tired of the lack of variety here…

I gotta say I was feelin' mighty full from this here dinner… and I ain't no soldier out in the battlefield!  Final tally?  1,030 calories, with 240 calories from fat.  I think for a "civilian version", my last 3 meals were pretty damn heavy!

I'm glad I only got one more of these meals left...

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