October 3, 2013

Shrinking Boy, two months later

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Now that I've gone through two months of my nutritional program, it's time to do another update!

Weight lost to date:  5.0kg.
I'm a little annoyed, because just two days ago I had lost 5.8kg.  Unfortunately, since my morning weigh-in that day I decided to gorge myself on tons of yummy food at a housewarming party, and my body ended up retaining some extra water.  I'll be taking in some food rich in potassium to help me drain out that extra water weight…

So my weight loss seems pretty steady - about 2½ to 3kg a month.  If I can keep this up for a couple of more months, I'd have no trouble hitting my short-term target of losing 10kg.  I'll figure out what to do next once that target is reached.

My health has improved
A few days before my last update, I went for a simple blood test to figure out some simple statistics.  The results were a little surprising to me:

  • Cholesterol - my last blood test was more than 3 years ago, and at the time I wasn't at all surprised that my cholesterol level was over the line, by about 20%.  This time my total cholesterol was about 10% below the threshold of 200 mg/dL, so clearly this diet has done wonders just after a month.

  • Triglycerides - I don't remember this coming up in my last blood test, but here I'm also pleasantly surprised.  My measurement of 85 mg/dL is pretty far from the 150 mg/dL threshold, so I'm pretty happy about that.

  • Glucose - the first unpleasant surprise here.  I'm just over the line here, and I've never had any issue with this.  I'm wondering if it has something to do with the fact that I drew blood in the morning after two consecutive nights of having rich food and plenty of wine.

  • Uric Acid - another unpleasant surprise where I never expected trouble, and I'm also a little bit over the line here.  After a few seconds, though, a little light bulb went on inside my head.  Since starting this program, I'd been drinking a big glass of unsweetened soy bean milk everyday for breakfast, as my 1 portion of protein.  That would certainly push up my uric acid level.  My new fondness of having wholemeal bread apparently is also bad for my uric acid level.  So I decided to cut them out of my diet.

My new toy: Basis B1
Since I started jogging, I wanted to have something to track my heart rate and running distance/paces.  I came across the Basis B1 band, and after doing some research decided that it would be my choice of fitness monitor. I've worn it for about 10 days now, and I'll put up a separate post about it later.  So far it's been kinda fun.

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