October 30, 2013

Supnormal evening

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It's been a few weeks since I last got together with the Specialist, as both of us had been studying hard for our exams.  As I was done with my exam and she needed to take a break from her studies, we figured we should gather the troops for a night out.  After debating through different venue possibilities, the Specialist settled on the new Sup 1, which has now re-opened on the western end of town after being booted out from Gough Street thanks to skyrocketing rent.

This was meant to be my lone cheat meal this week, but things didn't exactly go according to plan last night.  I was still gonna eat whatever I wanted tonight, but figured I could at least cut down on the quantity.

Not surprisingly we started with some sashimi, and I took a piece of the sea urchin and squid roll

…as well as a piece of fatty flounder wing (縁側).

Next came some yakitori (焼き鳥), starting with some shishito peppers (獅子唐辛子).

Chicken cartilage (軟骨)

Chicken wings mid-section (手羽中)

Chicken gizzard (ずり)

Ox tongue (牛タン)

Stir-fried kailan with garlic (蒜茸炒芥藍)

Grilled beef short rib

Duck confit casserole rice - this has always been delish here.  Glad to see things are still the same.

Sautéed manila clams

But the real point of getting together with the Specialist is always wine, not food.  It was suggested that we bring something "unusual", which was fine by me.  My inventory isn't exactly stocked full of the mainstream Bordeaux and Burgundy anyway…

1996 Pascal Doquet Blanc de Blancs Le Mesnil Sur Oger - nose of minerals, ripe, sweet like sugarcane, a little metallic and mature.  Later on a little toasty.  Slightly ripe on the palate.

1995 Spring Mountain Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon - ripe but not overly sweet, dried herbs, smoky, oak, potpourri.  Later on a little more sweet, minty, black fruits, almost herbal medicine.

2001 Trimbach Riesling Clos Sainte Hune - huge nose of petrol, minerals, acetone, polyurethane, white pepper.  Beautiful.

1994 Henschke Hill of Grace - a little smoky, some fruit, slightly ripe and stewed.  Smooth on the palate.

2004 Dom Pérignon - heavy toast, nutty.  Very nice.

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Spring Mountain Vineyard said...

Wow - looks like a feast fit for a King! Thank you for choosing our 1995 Estate Cabernet to be part of your special occasion.



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