September 13, 2014

Send-off lunch

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Babu is making a stopover in Hong Kong in the midst of her globetrotting, and I had a chance to meet up with the Tiggers for lunch and spend a few precious moments with my godson Bear.  Not surprisingly we met up at their go-to weekend lunch spot Man Wah (文華廳), and I arrived after everyone's had their first round of dim sum.  I quickly played catch-up...

Golden taro puff, abalone (蜂巢鮑魚盒) - as good as I remembered and one of the best things on offer here... stuffed with diced shiitake mushrooms in addition to taro mash.  What's not to like about deep-fried, flaky taro mash?!
Tiger prawn, bamboo shoot dumpling (筍尖蝦餃皇) - very good.
Conpoy and vegetable dumpling (瑤柱萵筍餃) - pretty interesting, with rehydrated conpoy (瑤柱) providing the heavier flavors and chewy texture, while the diced celtuce (萵筍) stems provided the crunchy texture.

Beef tenderloin puff, black pepper sauce (黑椒牛柳酥) - another incredibly fatty item... Just look at the flaky, deep-fried rings on the outside...

Roast suckling pig (化皮乳豬件) - what's not to like about suckling pig?!
Barbecued pork, honey (蜜汁叉燒皇) - not bad.

Organic bean curd, black mushrooms (紅燒有機豆腐) - always on the table when the Tiggers are here.

Wok fried vermicelli, crabmeat, shredded pork (桂花蟹肉炒新竹米粉) - oh boy, this was really, really good!  Stir-fried at high heat to produce wok hei (鑊氣).  This was simply fragrant and delicious.  As good as this was on its own, I couldn't resist ladling spoonfuls of the restaurant's XO sauce and mixing it in... Simply amazing!

Fried five grain rice, glutinous rice, assorted vegetables (五穀糙米炒飯) - not bad at all.

The petit fours included coconut milk jello with corn and mung bean which were kinda bleh, and glutinous rice dumplings which were much better.

Pretty filling and satisfying lunch.  Many thanks to Babu for the treat!

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