September 17, 2014

Quickie business

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The boss is in town and we needed a place to lunch and catch up.  L'altro happens to be close to the office, and I figured the boss would want a change from the usual Chinese, so we went for an Italian experience.  Their two-course set lunch was just perfect for our purposes.

Millefoglie croccante, carne cruda e ricotta agli aromi mediterranei - kinda interesting, although the flavors here were a little unusual compared to the beef tartare I am used to.  You can definitely feel the different texture of the hand-chopped wagyu.  I guess the crispy millefeuille was OK...

"L'altro" maccherone all'amatriciana - pretty yummy.  This was an easy choice, because as soon as I see "all'amatriciana" the image of guanciale immediately pops up in my head...  Yes, I'm predictable that way.  The maccherone was al dente, the tomato sauce was fine, but it was those deep-fried slices of pork cheek that made me really, really happy...  I would have happily taken a few more slices of guanciale.  Maybe I'll request it next time!

Lunch was quick, simple yet delicious.  I really gotta come for dinner one of these days...

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