October 20, 2014

Truffled boar

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Last week Harlan G posted a picture on Facebook, reminding people that as the weather gets cooler, it might be a good idea to keep warm with a bowl of his wild boar ragout pasta.  Well, it's been a while since my last bowl, so I quickly called up Gold by Harlan Goldstein and got myself a reservation.  I also grabbed a couple of the Alcoholics along, since they are my usual partners in crime when it comes to this joint.

While the ladies seemed hungry and dug into some focaccia and their crab cake, I sat silently while they indulged... preferring to save my stomach space exclusively for the dish that I had come for.

Hand-crafted tagliatelle, Italian wild boar ragout, melting organic egg and shaved Pecorino cheese - white truffle season has started, and the ever-generous (at least towards me) Harlan came over to shave us some of this white gold on top, which was a nice surprise.  The wonderful fragrance immediately filled the air above our table.  The pasta itself delivered flavors which had long ago become familiar to me, although the chunks of ragout were perhaps a little bigger and harder today.  As someone used to say to me, this was comfort food.  And judging by the fact that it was still sitting in my stomach shortly before dinner time... certainly hearty and filling.

No, I don't come back nearly often enough for this.  I think I need to venture out for lunch a little more...

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