July 10, 2015

Golden happiness

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It's been a helluva week at work, and there hasn't been a lot of happiness in the last few days.  So on Friday, when we can kinda breathe a sigh of relife - at least temporarily - I decided I needed a little bit of happiness to perk myself up.  I roped in a good friend who can commiserate with me, and went for lunch at Gold by Harlan Goldstein.

As usual I passed up the set lunch in favor of one of two pastas that I almost always order here, even though it cost a good deal more than my friend's set lunch.  It's not that I don't think the set isn't gonna be delicious or good value for money, but I came here to maximize my happiness... and cost be damned!

Linguine, Spanish red prawns, shrimp paste, garlic, chili and bottarga - I can never resist any carabineros, and although these were significantly smaller than what I used to have, I got to have 4 of these... and that means 4 heads I can suck the goodies out of!  That shellfish sauce with dried shrimp... so much umami.  A little bit of chili to add some kick, and shavings of bottarga on top.

Yeah, I got exactly what I came for - a boost in happiness.  Now I can go back to the grind at the office.

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