June 3, 2016

Macau Michelin tour 2016: three Kings

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So... here we go again.  Back in Macau for another hardcore tour of 5 restaurants with Michelin stars to help the Great One get material for her articles.  No doubt my waistline will continue to expand as a result.

Our first stop on this part of the tour happens to be the only restaurant out of the list of 10 which is not located within a casino hotel.  Estabelecimento De Comidas King (帝皇樓) may not be a name familiar to many, but its executive chef is none other than Cheng Kam Fu (鄭錦富) - also known as Brother Fu (富哥) - of Celebrity Cuisine (名人坊) in Hong Kong, which itself holds two macarons.  So it's not surprising to see a great deal of overlap between the menus at these restaurants.

The three of us had a relatively late reservation, and was kinda surprised to be seated in a private room.  Having kinda dominated the ordering process on the last trip, I decided to refrain from evening making suggestions tonight.  So the Great One and Hello Kitty picked out what they wanted to eat.  As it turned out, there were issues with this approach...

There was a complimentary dish of black wood ear fungus in vinegar (涼拌木耳), which had a nice dose of acidity to whet one's appetite...

Fried prawn with egg yolk (黃金御蝦) - these were reasonably big prawns and ordered individually.  Salty egg yolk is always a good coating, but the prawns themselves were overcooked and so-so.

BBQ baby pigeon (脆皮妙齡鴿) - the Great One remembered that pigeon was good at Celebrity Cuisine, and this was definitely a good call!  Underneath the crispy skin was the succulent meat, and I definitely tasted some of that milky flavors that I love from young pigeons.  I had three-quarters of a pigeon by myself... and wanted more.

Double-boiled pig's lungs and almond soup (杏汁燉豬肺湯) - can't go wrong with this when it's done right.  Just thick enough with the almond cream without becoming the dessert.

Chinese lettuce cooked in hot pot (啫啫生菜膽) - always a crowd favorite, and that pungent shrimp paste was pretty damn tasty.

Braised pork brisket with sweet preserved vegetable (甜蕊梅菜扣肉) - this always pushes Hello Kitty's buttons, so of course we had to have some...

And it was pretty tasty.  The preserved leafy mustard (梅菜) actually wasn't all deathly salty - it had a good amount of sweetness to it.  We immediately ordered up a couple of bowls of steamed rice to go with the dish.  Very fatty.  Very yum.

We were pretty full by this point.  For some reason my dining companions didn't order anything that was a signature dish from Brother Fu, or anything remotely "luxe" for that matter... So we got away with a relatively cheap bill.  A pretty solid meal, but I'd love to order some signature dishes and compare them with Celebrity Cuisine next time.

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