October 26, 2016

Double happiness

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There's another globe-trotting foodie coming to town, who's on a world tour and eating very, very well.  As he was coming in around lunch time, I figured that I'd introduce him to my favorite roast goose around my office.  Little did I know that he's already familiar with Yat Lok (一樂燒鵝) - having visited on a previous trip to Hong Kong.  Well... that makes it all the easier!

Since we were in the middle of lunch hour, I wasn't the least bit surprised by the line outside the restaurant.  Luckily we didn't have to wait long at all before being seated at the very first table by the door, next to the boss lady.

Roast goose, lower quarter (燒鵝下庄) - this is always the smart choice when there's two of us.  The skin today wasn't as amazing as what I had 2 weeks ago, but the flavors of this goose never fails me.  My foodie friend seemed happy with it, too.

Rice flour noodles in soup (淨湯瀨粉) - ordered this as usual for the carb quota.

In all my years of coming here - and I've been coming for more than 10 years now - I've never tried to order their soup dumplings (餃子)... in fact I never even knew that was on the menu.  But my friend seems to have enjoyed them.  Maybe I'll give them a try sometime...

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