May 24, 2017

Quickie dim sum at night

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I'm in Causeway Bay at night and in need of a simple meal.  Hello Kitty wants congee for dinner, so I figured we should go and hit Ho Hung Kee (何洪記).  The food is always reliable and the environment is clean and pleasant.  Of course, nowadays that comes with a significant hike in pricing thanks to the expensive rent they're paying...

I forgo my usual order of stir-fried noodles and choose a few dim sum items.  Back when I used to live in Happy Valley, sister restaurant Tasty Congee and Noodle Wantun Shop (正斗粥麵專家) was a neighborhood joint I frequented, and one of the things I used to love about that place was the availability of dim sum items all day... and they did a great job, too!  I figured I'd give it a try here tonight.

Barbecue pork bun with saucy filling (流汁叉燒包) - this used to be one of my favorite items at Tasty, but what I had tonight was a little disappointing.  While the bun wasn't exactly soggy, it was much too wet and lacked that fluffy texture reminiscent of cotton balls.  The "saucy" filling was also a little sweeter than I remembered, although they did use relatively decent pork and not just fatty bits.

Shrimp and baby shoots dumpling (翡翠菜苗餃) - these were OK.  The translucent wrappers weren't over-steamed, and the flavors coming from the pea shoots were nice.

Rice flour rolls filled with twisted cruller (香油條腸粉) - 炸兩 is another favorite of mine, and this was pretty decent.  The crullers inside remained crunchy.

A quick meal that did its job of filling my stomach while providing some happiness.  I guess I'll stick to the stir-fried noodles going forward...

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