July 5, 2017

Deep-fried Seventh

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Our friend from Seoul is back in town, so The Great One and I arranged for another dinner at a Cantonese restaurant at her request - this time at Seventh Son (家全七福).  One can never go wrong coming here, and there's no pressure to order expensive dishes here - unlike a few other places around town.

Crispy pork belly (脆皮燒腩仔) - our Korean friend's colleague had this at lunch and apparently wanted more - because he only got to eat one piece.  Have to say that this was pretty good - with a good amount of fat underneath the crunchy crackling.

Deep-fried chicken kidney mixed with egg custard (雞子戈渣) - The Great One always loves ordering this.

Love the fluffy texture of the custard.  And no, it ain't no chicken "kidney" they used... I should have asked Brother Seven for confirmation.

Honey glazed barbecued chicken liver (蜜汁燒鳳肝) - always delicious, with the right amount of charring at the edges and a generous amount of honey sauce.

Crispy chicken (當紅炸子雞) - while we were figuring out what to order, we didn't want the Kat to feel left out, and asked him what he wanted to eat.  No sooner had he uttered the words "crispy chicken" than both The Great One and I shot down his suggestion.  I even took the extra step of insulting his choice of dish as "mundane" - half-jokingly.  The Kat expressed his frustration at being shot down, and protested the futility of him offering any suggestions on the menu.

I took a step back and offered an olive branch.  While both The Great One and I find crispy chicken a little on the boring side, if one were to order the dish, there is no place more appropriate than Seventh Son or Fook Lam Moon (福臨門).   Why, you ask?  That's because the dish was made famous by Chui Fook Chuen (徐福全), the patriarch founder of Fook Lam Moon.  The chicken is rubbed with salt and air-dried for 8 hours before being hung and drizzled with hot oil continuously for half an hour.

Surprisingly, there were more people at the table who fell into the "white meat" camp...

Stir-fried kailan with crab meat and bamboo pith (竹笙蟹肉扒芥蘭度) - we needed some green veg, and I took this at our waiter's suggestion.  Pretty good.

Deep-fried prawn balls (椒鹽炸蝦丸) - another order that the Kat sneaked in later.  Nothing wrong that deep-fried balls... ever.

Braised pomelo skin with shrimp roe and leafy amaranth (莧菜蝦子柚皮) - our Korean friends had never had this, and it's just come into season.  Definitely very tasty with the shrimp roe, and our waiter suggested that we add some leafy amaranth (莧菜) since I didn't want to just have two lonely lumps of pomelo skin on a plate...

Fried rice with precious mushroom and vegetables (油雞㙡菌欖仁翡翠黃金炒飯) - The Great One really liked this the last time we were here together, so she asked for it again.  Gotta say that for a vegetarian flied lice dish, this was damn good.  Stir-frying at high heat produces rice grains that are slightly dry and on the chewy side, which is delicious.  The Indian almonds (欖仁) were incredibly tasty after frying.

I brought a couple of bottles to dinner, but unfortunately the Kat didn't like the first bottle. And our Korean friends probably didn't either... since they didn't drink like Koreans tonight...

2011 Ram's Hill Sauvignon Blanc - mature and most of its fresh fruit.  Now more caramelized with straw and honey notes, with a little green apple left.

2007 Joh.Jos. Prüm Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Kabinett - lots of polyurethane and classic petrol, with a little flint.  A little fizzy on the palate and a little sweet.

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