August 22, 2017

Cloudy Bay x Cloudy Bay, premium edition

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Around a month ago, we were casually picking up groceries in a supermarket when Hello Kitty spotted packs of pre-cooked clams from New Zealand.  She was pretty excited to see them, and we ended up picking up a pack.  I also made a detour to a different supermarket to pick up a specific bottle of wine, so that we could have a "Cloudy Bay x Cloudy Bay" pairing...

The surf clams from Cloudy Bay Clams came blanched and chilled, and were ready to eat right out of the package.  We were pretty happy munching on them.

2016 Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc - nose of green apple, flinty, and a little pungent.  Surprising ripe on the palate.

Fast forward to today.  I was casually dropping by a supermarket to pick up some coffee when something caught my eye.  It was another bag of clams from Cloudy Bay Clams, but they were HUGE.  These were storm clams, and they came about 7 clams per pack of 1kg.  Of course, I felt the need to pair it with another bottle of wine from Cloudy Bay... I was too lazy to go to my wine cellar to dig out a bottle of Te Koko, so I just picked up a bottle from the supermarket.  This would be the "premium edition".

It turns out that 2 packs of clams totaling 2kg, with a "meat-to-shell ratio" of more than 30%, was a lot for the two of us.

And there really was a decent amount of meat inside the shell!

2013 Cloudy Bay Te Koko - nose of green apple, muscat grapes, steely and flinty.  Surprisingly ripe on the palate but still fresh and lively.

Another happy evening at home with Cloudy Bay...

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