September 19, 2017

Krug x Mushroom, part deux

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After our first "walking tour" last month, the powers that be once again invited me to join "part 2" of the Krug x Mushroom tour.  This time we would be going to three different restaurants.

We started our evening in the cellar behind the kitchen at Caprice.  The Four Seasons Hong Kong took this event pretty seriously, as both the F and B Manager and the PR were in attendance, in addition to Hairy Legs and others from the restaurant.  We seemed to have a smaller crew tonight, and that was just fine for this Arrogant Prick.

Krug Grande Cuvée, 162éme édition, ID 214032 - toasty and lovely, with a little minerals.

Poached turbot, jamón, ceps - the turbot was poached just right, with a nice springy texture as it resisted the downward bite force of my teeth.  The bowl was full of mushroom flavors - with cep mash and sautéed ceps.  Of course, we've also got some beautiful jamón, too.  INHALED.

Our next stop was VEA Restaurant and Lounge.  It's another restaurant where, strangely enough, I enjoyed the food on my very first visit but somehow never found occasion to return.

Antonio came over and presented us with a little elderflower and yuzu cocktail.

Lost in rain forest - so on the plate you've got cauliflower juice roasted with butter and yeast - with truffle crumble on top - along with 8 different types of mushroom from China such as pickled wood ear, girolles, enokitake (榎茸), cordycep flowers, maitake (舞茸), beech mushrooms, shiitake (椎茸), and bamboo piths.  Chef Vicky also made a mushroom with meringue and added a few dots of sour cream for effect.  Nasturtium leaves were decorated with sugar to resemble dew drops.  Separately, we've got seaweed sponge cake on the side to represent moss in the forest.

Liquid nitrogen is poured on top of the sponge cake, which becomes brittle and is spooned on top of the dish.  Lots of 'shrooms, different textures and flavors.

Parmesan truffle fries, truffle mayo - we were feeling a wee bit hungry, so we also had some of these delicious fries.  I guess my years of living in Hong Kong has gotten me used to eating fries with mayo instead of ketchup...

Our final stop tonight would be ASS Aberdeen Street Social - a restaurant in which I have yet to eat a full meal.  Chef Chris Whitmore created a dish to pair with Krug Grande Cuvée, and this was offered on their printed menu.

A hunter's breakfast - you've got 5 different types of mushrooms cooked differently including wood ear, shiitake, shimeji (占地茸), oyster mushrooms, and raw button mushrooms.  Once again, you've got a chef here who didn't get the memo that Krug x Eggs was last year...  so we have 2 little quail eggs on top.  Everything sits on top of a sweet and lightly smoked purée that reminded me of caramelized onion jam, and the dish came served with hazelnuts and mushroom-flavored sourdough croûtons.  Very nice.

A fun and delicious evening.  A little too much in terms of peanuts tonight, and I probably should have spent a little more time keeping my big mouth shut.  Many thanks to the powers that be for this kind and generous invitation, and special thanks to Gourmet KC for stopping me from strangling someone and committing murder... 

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