January 20, 2018

Better 5 years late than never

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It's been a long time coming.  About 5 years, in fact.  When Grégoire Michaud left Four Seasons Hong Kong and set up Bread Elements in 2013, I (and countless others) begged him to set up a retail shop so that those of us not in the trade can enjoy his delicious products.  He kept telling us that it will be "soon, soon!" After a couple of years - during which there was apparently an unfortunate false start - he was starting to sound like the boy who cried wolf...

No longer.  Bakehouse opened their doors on December 29, 2017 and I got a very special delivery from Da Jam that same day.  After a couple of weekends where we were a little busy, we finally found time to go check out the place for ourselves today.

We were lucky.  Hello Kitty found a table that had just been vacated while I stood in line to order the goods.  These are probably the best viennoiseries in town.

Of course we had to get ourselves a couple of croissants.  The one Da Jam brought me was beautiful, but it wasn't warm, after all.  These were about as good as it gets.

I had seen Grégoire post a picture of the pain au chocolat, and it was as fine as I had hoped.  The layers were so fine... And there were two rows of chocolate inside, unlike many other versions in town.

We also wanted something a little more substantial and savory, and the ham and cheese croissant was perfect for the job.

We washed the goodies down with some coffee, and left with a baguette to take home.  Hello Kitty decided to carry it in style, using her handbag as a carrier...

Congratulations to Grégoire!  We'll be back.  Hopefully often.

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