June 23, 2018

Beef noodle run

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Hello Kitty likes her beef noodles, and not long before our trip, she saw pictures posted by Scubagolfer about a place neither of us had heard of.  So we made sure to plan a stop at Noodle Cuisine (天下三絕麵食館).  We arrived for our 1:30 p.m. booking, and the place was still fairly busy... and it was obvious that they were pretty short-staffed.

Bean curd strips salad (涼拌乾絲) - this was... disappointing.  Flavor-wise there was nothing special, and this was a pretty small portion.

Beff heel muscle noodles soup (極品牛B腱麵) - yes... the menu did read "beff"... There was a choice of three different types of noodles, and I picked the thicker, flat noodles for the added chewy texture.  The broth was relatively clear, but still has good flavors as well as some spices.  It was kinda halfway between the really intense style which packs lots of beefy flavors and the ones with more herbal notes.

There were three large chunks of shank from the hind legs, and these came in pretty thick cuts.  The meat was very tender, but the chunks still maintained their structure, so they weren't flabby or falling apart.  Biting into these large chunks turned out to be really satisfying, and considering the amount of beef in the bowl, the higher price tag certainly did not feel unjustified.  I was pretty happy with my bowl.

Plum vinegar (梅子醋)

I thought this was a pretty good place for beef noodle soup. It may not be my favorite, but it certainly delivers plenty of pleasure.  Certainly coming back for more.

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