October 21, 2018

Eat at Morpheus: breakfast stuffing

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I don't often eat breakfast in hotels unless I'm at a resort or the offering is spectacular.  This morning, though, there was something on offer that I simply could not refuse.

There is a Pierre Hermé Lounge at the Morpheus. Right in the lobby on the ground floor.  It opens at 8am for breakfast, serves food all day, and even has alcohol up until closing at 10pm.  In other words, it delivers a lot more than what I would expect from an outlet with The Fat One's name on it.

Chef Sébastien Bauer had already laid out all the goodies on one table for us to photograph, and I wasted no time in getting that done before the others arrived.  Meanwhile I spotted the selection of viennoiserie on the counter and immediately saw a stack of kouign amann (which, technically, isn't viennoiserie).  Even though this was not part of the offering, I shamelessly asked Sébastien for one.  And I stopped him just as he was about to cut one into pieces, because I wasn't sharing this with anyone!

Oh, it was fabulous.  Look at all those flaky layers! It was, perhaps, a little light on the sugar... but I wasn't going to bitch about it too much.

I started with the Croissant Ispahan as well as a pain au chocolat made with Gianduja.  Heavenly.

Then came the chicken congee and the steamed dumpling, which would not have been my personal choice for breakfast.  But I know the hotel needs to cater to its Mainland Chinese clientele...

There was a serving of eggs Benedict, but neither Hello Kitty nor I had much interest in it...

Instead we much preferred the croque monsieur Pierre Hermé.  I had heard people rave about this before we came, and honestly... what's not to like about croque monsieur, when you've got beautiful ingredients?  My only complaint would be that there wasn't more runny, melted cheese...

We also got another set of finger sandwiches, which were smoked salmon, ham and cheese, chicken and mustard, and watercress and shrimp.

There was also the tuna donburi, which Sébastien seemed to be proud of.  I did have a taste, but at this hour I would prefer to save stomach space for the sweet stuff...

And speaking of sweet stuff... there was no better item to start with than Ispahan.  This will always be my one true love when it comes to creations from The Fat One.  The iconic combination of raspberries, rose, and lychee just works so beautifully together.

Then there's Millefeuille Ispahan, with rose and marscapone cream, raspberries, and lychees.  Awesome.

Tarte Infiniment Vanille - made with vanilla seeds from three different geographical locations: Tahiti, Madagascar, and Indonesia.

Finally, we have the signature dessert which everyone looks forward to - Morpheus "Gold" Plaisir Sucré.

One is meant to take the little hammer and break the golden disc made of milk chocolate...

...then mix the pieces with the contents underneath, which include hazelnut praline, hazelnut dacquoise, hazelnut ice cream, milk chocolate ganache, chantilly cream, and Japanese mandarin jam.

I probably should have had some coffee with breakfast, but I just couldn't pass up having a cup of Infiniment Chocolat...  Well, I tried to finish, but failed...  There was just waaaaaaay too much food for a 10am breakfast... and lunch was due to start in about an hour.  I honestly don't know how I will even be able to eat more than 3 bites...

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