June 8, 2019

Delicious Italian classics

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It's been quite a few years since I gave up my Quintessentially membership, and with it access to some 'members only' clubs.  My Favorite Cousin wanted to get together for dinner, and suggested that we go hit Cipriani Hong Kong.   There are a few classic dishes they do really well, and I was really looking forward to tasting them again.

By the time Hello Kitty and I arrived, My Favorite Cousin had already gone through about half a bowl of these deep-fried zucchini.  So greasy. So delicious.

Baked white tagliolini with ham - SO, SO, HAPPY!!!!!  I have been missing this for years, and I finally got to have it again.  It's nothing complicated... just some tagliolini baked under a layer of cheese dotted with tiny bits of ham.  But is there anything better than cheese that has been baked until golden brown and crispy?

Calves liver alla veneziana - I felt like changing it up a little, so I got the sautéed calves liver with caramelized onions.  Absolutely delicious, and served with two different polenta.

Sabayon cake - even though I used to have the vanilla cream cake here all the time, this was actually my first love.  Really, really happy.

Of course we needed some alcohol to wash down all the food, so I brought along a bottle and also ordered something from the list.

2017 Guado al Tasso Vermentino - mineral, flinty, a little pungent, and pretty oaky.

2003 BOND Matriarch - decanted 30 minutes prior to serving.  Nice sweet fruit, sweet on the palate, some metallic iron rust, smoky, plenty of oak, and minty.  Drinking very well.

A very, very happy evening with simple but good food, and decent wines. Of course, it's always good to catch up with My Favorite Cousin and have a few laughs at her expense...

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