December 31, 2020

Last star of 2020

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It's Little Rabbit's last day in Hong Kong, and we were helping her check off stuff she wanted to eat before leaving.  When we weren't able to get a table at Seventh Son (家全七福) for lunch, we figured that Fook Lam Moon (福臨門) would do just as nicely.  Unfortunately, we were unable to satisfy two of our friend's requests today, but dim sum here seldom disappoints.

Pan-fried minced pork and lotus root patties (香煎蓮藕餅) - I sometimes forget how tasty these are, and they're actually a favorite of mom's.

Pan-fried cuttlefish patties with corn (金粟墨魚餅) - this is good, too.  I love things made with cuttlefish paste.

Baked pastry with barbecued pork (蜜汁叉燒酥) - I thought that the pastry shell tasted a little off.

Deep-fried taro and chicken pockets (雞粒荔芋角) - it's been so long since I last had this.  The spring onions were very tasty.

Deep-fried salt water dumplings (家鄉咸水餃) - with preserved radish, spring onion, shiitake (椎茸), and dried shrimp.

Steamed dumplings with shrimp and chives (鮮蝦韮菜餃) 

Steamed prawn dumplings with bamboo shoots (筍尖鮮蝦餃) 

Tofu skin rolls in soup (上湯鮮竹卷) 

Steamed vegetarian dumplings (上素蒸粉菓) 

Steamed rice flour rolls with crunchy prawn (脆皮鮮蝦腸) - nice to have the deep-fried crunchy bits inside for texture.   

Steamed traditional brown sugar sponge cake (欖仁馬拉糕)

Someone was pretty happy today... but it was definitely too much food for me.

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