June 5, 2021

The replacements

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Sankala was faced with a dilemma.  Her lunch meeting was being postponed, but she was loathe to cancel her reservation at Le Bec Fin - having already done so once 2 months earlier.  So I agreed to join her for lunch, and grabbed Big Mac so we could introduce him to another place we like.

I chose 3 courses for lunch but decided to forgo the soup that I enjoyed last time.  I was more curious about one of the options for dessert!

Foie gras egg custard - OK, so I had this last time, too... except there were slices of white truffle in the winter. Still happy and enjoyable without.

Linguine gamberi - these weren't the biggest Spanish red prawns I'd ever seen, but what was lacking in size was made up in terms of quantity. FIVE prawns and their delicious heads. Sooooo much flavor.  Very, very happy.

LBF halo halo - I'm no expert, but I was expecting my halo halo to be cold. After all, the restaurant does have an old school machine for making shaved ice... but the chef chose to serve up a hot version of the Filipino national dessert! Oh well. The added issue of warming up this dessert in a cocotte with a flame is that the pop rocks then starts to jump around everywhere. I was really thankful that I wear glasses because I nearly got hit in the eye by a stray pop rock...

I figured we would take it easy and just open 1 bottle for lunch.

2015 Penfolds Yattarna - toasty, with plenty of lemon and flint. Opened up after an hour and it was beautiful, buttery, but not too sweet.

A nice and relaxing lunch. Looking forward to coming back for dinner again.

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