June 26, 2021

Ladies who lunch

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As if my feeding schedule weren't busy enough this week, My Favorite Birdbrain Cousin insisted on buying me lunch.  And she wanted to do it on a day when I already had a big dinner scheduled for an early time slot, which was certainly not ideal.  After some bitching on my part, Sankala was able to move our their lunch at Lobster Bar and Grill to an earlier time slot.

The restaurant is doing their "Shabby Chic" brunch menu, which unfortunately (for people like me) involves free-flow alcohol of different sorts. We were too dumb to understand how the system works in terms of different types of alcohol, so we ended up sticking to the basic version with unlimited martinis.

The reason the ladies wanted to come here was for their seafood platter. It's just one of those things where some people hanker for from time to time, and there were two ambitious people whose eyes opened real wide at the sight of this... I, of course, left this to the two of them.

Gravadlax: house-cured salmon, cornichons, potato salad, honey mustard and dill dressing - the sauce was definitely on the sweet side.

Lobster roll cardinal: poached lobster, yuzu kosho mayonnaise, toasted brioche, French fries - OF COURSE Imma have me a lobster roll when I come to the LOBSTER Bar. And get some French fries, too.

The lobster roll itself was pretty nice. Loved the brioche, and even better than the sauce was the condiment of fried minced garlic in oil - which I spread liberally on the brioche. So, so satisfying.

Mixed greens and herbs - yes, getting your daily dose of greens/roughage is important...

Tarte tatin - the kitchen did not have my choice of pie, but thankfully we had pre-ordered this for Sankala. Happy camper.

Of course this had to come with some vanilla ice cream.

I probably shouldn't have eaten so many sticks of fries, but somehow I couldn't stop myself. I did keep to just one small martini, which was more than enough for me. After all, I had a big dinner starting in 4 hours!

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