August 24, 2021

Kong(girl) for one day

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I was due to dine out tonight, so I had planned on just finishing up the leftover canned tuna in the office fridge with some slices of toast for lunch. It's my way of balancing out my calorie intake. But when my colleagues suddenly suggested that we hit Dang Wen Li by Dominique Ansel so that we could try out the item we've been curious about, I caved and trekked downhill for what turned out to be a pretty rich lunch.

Blossoming hot chocolate - so... yeah... I had a sudden attack of the Kong girl (港女) and decided to be an IG hoe... There wasn't anything I particularly wanted to drink, and I figured I'd come and take a video of the "blossoming flower". Unfortunately the staff did a poor job of placing the marshmallow on top of the hot chocolate, and the whole thing kinda pulled a Titanic.

Sausage roll - I love all kinds of sausage rolls, including those found in almost every local bakery in Hong Kong. Here we have a smoked sausage that was better than your average frank, and the bun itself came with more than 100 layers of flaky dough. Not bad at all.

Satay beef peanut - THIS was the reason we came. The waffles came shaped like peanuts, but there was much more to the whole thing...

The waffles were actually stuffed with sliced beef that was flavored with "satay" sauce, which for Hong Kong meant it had lots of peanutty flavors. The sauce we poured on top also had lots of peanut chunks, so the flavors were definitely on point as far as the "local" cha chaan teng satay beef is concerned. We all thought this was pretty tasty, and would definitely order this up again. In fact, I need to bring Sankala here one of these days...

Silk egg katsu sando - I've had this before and really enjoyed it. The chunks of steamed egg had this wonderful consistency which was smooth and springy, and I enjoyed squeezing them and watching them bounce back from the pressure. The panko (パン粉) crust was very thin but crispy, and that XO mayo really adding something that piqued one's attention. Always happy to order this up.

Sugar cane sorbet (唔該蔗蔗) - OK, so the last time I had this a few weeks ago I was pretty disappointed, and publicized my displeasure with it. Unfortunately Dominique saw my post and asked about it, then had a discussion with their chef. I was told that the owners from Kung Lee Sugar Cane Juice (公利真料竹蔗水) were happy with the product, and that it wasn't as diluted as I had thought it was. It was clearly a bad batch or an accident. Since I was here, I figured I would try it again, as the shop had suggested.

Well, I guess it was somewhat better today. The first few licks did taste much sweeter than I had remembered, and there certainly was more sugar cane flavor. But it kinda faded after a few more licks, and once again tasted a lot more diluted. Well, my colleagues discovered that if you let it linger on the tongue longer, and the flavors would be more prominent. So I tried and lightly pushed my tongue against the roof of my mouth while tasting the sorbet, and yeah, it kinda got a little better. Still not a huge fan of this, but I get that this is still pretty refreshing, if not as intensely flavorful as I would like.  I guess I'll stick to the original sugar cane juice.

We are eagerly looking forward to the day when we relocate our office nearby, so that we could stop by here any time for their goodies.

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