January 18, 2022

Dood your dood dood!

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My friend BM pinged me out of the blue. Would I like to try some gelato that is of very qualify? Ummm... sure! I'm happy to try something new, especially if a friend recommends it highly. With that response, my friend sent me the daily selections so Sankala and I selected 5 different flavors we were curious about.

We had never found opportunity to taste anything from Dood Bottega Gelateria, which makes Italian gelato and sorbetto. As I would find out later, quite a few of my friends had visited them when they were in Wanchai, and really liked their offering. But they didn't know that the shop had relocated to K11 Musea.

The delivery which arrived at my office was a total surprise. I had expected my friend to send me 5 cups of gelato. What arrived was 5 PINTS. For the two of us, that's A LOT of frozen sweets. I always knew my friend is generous, but I was still surprised and grateful for his generosity.

Hazelnut gelato - this was our first taste, and we thought it was damn good! Our palates were hit with very rich hazelnut flavors, and certainly the texture was very rich and creamy. Very, very impressed. This belonged in the premium category.

I decided to have it with some espresso, and of course that was a combination which worked very well.

Wendan sorbetto - I got this out of curiosity and I think this was also a premium flavor. Wendan (文旦) is a type of pomelo which is grown in Taiwan, whose shape is distinctively different from the common pomelo. It's been a long time since I had some that mom saves for me each year, so I was particularly happy to taste this. Once again, I was very impressed. This was very light and delicate, with a refreshing, green citrus flavor profile. I definitely tasted the pulp and also the ground-up seeds here. Really, really happy for this homesick Taiwanese.

Shine muscat sorbetto - definitely a premium flavor as they use Japanese Shine muscat. I would describe this as tasting a concentrated version of the grape, as it was sweeter than the grape itself. More texture here as the skin of the grape was included. For anyone who loves this grape - and there are many in Hong Kong - it's hard not to love this sorbetto.

Chestnut gelato - the most premium of the 5 flavors in terms of pricing. This was really, really beautiful. We decided to have it on Christmas Eve along with the chestnut Christmas house from The Rosewood Hong Kong, and My Favorite Cousin couldn't stop slurping on this.

Strawberry sorbetto - the most "common" flavor we got and the cheapest in price, but don't let that fool you. This was undoubtedly the best strawberry sorbet I have ever had. I don't know what type of strawberries they used, but those flavors hit me like a ton of bricks. Wow!

I can't find fault in any of the flavors I tasted, and for someone who loves frozen sweets, I can't recommend Dood highly enough. The only problem is pricing. They are shockingly expensive when you consider the alternatives. Every single one of my friends who was told about the pricing immediately dropped their jaws, and most probably wouldn't pony up the cash for just "ice cream". Not when the alternatives cost half or less.

But I can see that the owner is passionate about delivering the best product he can, and I have no doubt he sources the best ingredients to make it happen. I admire that about the guy, even though this may mean the business isn't commercially viable in the long run. For foodies or lovers of gelato who are price insensitive - and I should think there is a fair number of them in this town, given how much people will pay for imported fruits - Dood is something they should check out at least once.

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