June 5, 2022

Heavy Sunday dinner

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A friend pinged me a couple of days ago and offered us seats at Chaat. He had booked a table some time ago to dine with his family, but they had decided to travel. Having not seen my friend much during the pandemic, and seeing that we always enjoy the food there, we decided to join our friends. What made the gathering even better was the presence of Sweetheart, who jumped at the chance to escape - even temporarily - the deluge of fried chicken coming out from The Great One's kitchen.

Not wanting to be forced to take the restaurant's tasting menu, I pinged PR8 and asked him to have the kitchen arrange something for us. As it turned out, we ended up having pretty much the same menu... but with quite a few thing added on top.

Papadum with mango chutney

Baked samosa: jackfruit meat - this seemed more delicious than when I had it on my first visit, and I certainly didn't get the feeling I was eating veggies. Nice amount of heat here. Served with raita which came with capers and chili.

Raj kachori: crispy lentil, sweet and tangy sauce - with pomegranate seeds and a sauce made with tamarind.

Beef seekh kebab - with pickled onions, minty chutney, as well as caper and chili raita. Apparently made with minced wagyu beef, skewered on sticks. This tasted a little heavy and there was a little more salt, but the raita and mint chutney helped with that.

Guinea fowl tikka - this was OK.

Black truffle and chilli cheese naan

Tandoori char siu - another special treat from the kitchen. Happy to see this in front of me again.

This was pretty fatty, and definitely packs some heat that continued to build up. Packs a punch in terms of flavors, with sweetness and salt together with the beautiful charring.

Railway lamb curry: ginger, garlic, dill - this was lighter than the other dishes in terms of flavor, and the taste of curry leaves was very prominent.

Old Delhi butter chicken: spiced tomato sauce, fenugreek - very rich and thick, with a hint of acidity.

Dal makhani: slow cooked black lentil - this was also very rich and thick.

Prawn pulao: aged basmati rice, saffron - tasted better than the last time when I had it for takeout. Light with some acidity.

Garlic naan

Kachumber raita: mustard seeds, curry leaves - with onions and pomegranate seeds.

Mango kulfi: rabdi falooda - fragrant mango, but I'm still not sure if I like rabdi falooda.

Caramel shahi tukda: oatmilk ice cream - very, very fragrant with rose petals and cardamom. Delicious.

Chocolate praline naan - one final extra... and what a rich way to finish our meal.

This was a pretty enjoyable meal, as we had expected. Sweetheart definitely left the restaurant smiling, and I think my friend who came for the first time was happy, too. Many thanks to Chefs Manav and Gaurav for looking after us.

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