July 19, 2022

Diary of a Quarantined Boy part 2, day 3

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Day 3 started with the door bell letting us know that breakfast has been delivered. The regularity of the daily feeding schedule has now become familiar, and we find ourselves looking forward to gettng fed 3 meals a day by the hotel. It's also a chance for us to open the door to our room and get a peek outside. 

Beef dumplings ∙ beef congee ∙ steamed bun (牛肉燒賣 ∙ 牛肉粥 ∙ 饅頭) - enjoyed the siu mai (燒賣) with crunchy water chestnuts and coriander. The steamed buns (饅頭) were, admittedly, a little plain. Having grown up eating them, though, I could appreciate just savoring the simplicity of their sweetness.

Today's coffee was Floral Yirgacheffe Sun-dried G1 from Cama Café. Indeed lighter and floral compared to the "regular" Yirgacheffe from yesterday.

The door bell rang and we thought it was our lunch being delivered. Nope. The Film Buff dropped off another 2 bottles of wine - this time more traditional names in Burgundy - after hearing about our fizzy Bourgogne last night. I really must thank him for his generosity.

A few minutes later the door bell rang again. It was STILL not our lunch being delivered, but a delivery from The Cheese House sent by the Candidate. We now have 4 types of cheese and 2 types of ham to snack on. Amazing! Never mind that we didn't get it before 12 p.m. as stipulated on the delivery order - surely it's a delay on the hotel's part as lunches are being delivered.

Our lunch finally showed up when the door bell rang a third time within 20 minutes.

Mixed green salad with balsamico ∙ beef lasagna ∙ garlic bread ∙ Parmesan ∙ Vita Cold Brew No Sugar Jasmine Tea Drink (維他冷泡無糖茶香片) - gotta say that the lasagna was very OK and definitely hit the spot.

Our cookies for afternoon tea today was butter crispy cookies (牛油脆曲奇) from Imperial Patisserie (皇玥).

I have now adjusted my digestion to our new schedule, so when dinner arrived I was already hungry.

Steamed pork spare ribs in black bean sauce ∙ scrambled egg with shrimp ∙ lettuce in oyster sauce ∙ fried rice with minced beef and egg ∙ ginkgo and beancurd sweetened soup ∙ HealthWorks sugarcane, rhizoma imperatae and sea coconut drink (豉汁蒸排骨 ∙ 蝦仁炒滑蛋 ∙ 蠔油唐生菜 ∙ 生炒牛肉飯 ∙ 腐竹銀杏糖水 ∙ 健康工房竹蔗茅根海底椰飲料) - the shrimps were previously frozen, which was to be expected, but still OK. The pork ribs were OK. The lettuce came with lots of cooking oil on top of the oyster sauce, but that was also to be expected in Hong Kong. The dessert soup is something I normally don't touch, so I drank some of it and mostly chewed on the Job's tears (薏米).

Time to open up another bottle from the Film Buff, which was part of today's delivery.

2019 Mongeard-Mugneret Nuits-St-Georges - nose of leather, black cherries, pretty ripe. Sweet on the palate with the Mimolette.

We also chose to snack on some Mimolette sent by the Candidate from The Cheese House. Very tasty, getting a little sharp.

The hotel does not offer Hoegaarden, so we are missing one of the classic pairings with this cheese. We made do with the Corona Extra in our fridge. Not too bad, actually.

Now that we've got a supply of decent wine, good cheese, and ham, the odds of me making out of quarantine alive have improved significantly. My friends are literally lifesavers.

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