July 22, 2022

Diary of a Quarantined Boy part 2, day 6

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Second-to-last day of quarantine, and it's Friday! Breakfast this morning was an interesting mix, which involved a little DIY:

Boiled eggs ∙ bacon ∙ tomato salsa ∙ guacamole ∙ tortilla ∙ croissant ∙ sliced fresh fruit - the croissant was OK.

So I sliced up one of the boiled eggs, laid it out in the tortilla along with the smoky bacon and added some salsa and guacamole. Not too bad.

This morning's coffee was a customized lot of Wuri Washed for Berg Wu (吳則霖), the founder of Simple Kaffa. Higher acidity and clearly more elegant.

I was pretty excited when lunch was delivered, since I get to try one of the classics:

Mixed green salad with lemon olive oil ∙ spaghetti bolognese ∙ garlic bread ∙ Parmesan ∙ Vita Cold Brew No Sugar Jasmine Tea Drink (維他冷泡無糖茶香片) - well... the meat sauce of the spag bol had rosemary added, which I don't really care for. The fat fries I normally stay away from were soggy. So... not as good of a lunch as I had hoped.

My afternoon coffee was Mandheling Blend from 咖啡人. Nose was much more smoky but body was light.

Today's cookie was golden crispy cookie (黃金脆曲奇) from Imperial Patisserie (黃玥). Not bad.

We decided to start drinking early since it's the weekend, and figured we could get through 2 bottles. We started the first one before dinner arrived.

2019 Le Petit Marand eXtra Ordinaire Chardonnay - very ripe and rounded on the palate, but the acidity was still there.

Deep-fried pork chop with spiced salt and chilli ∙ braised beef short ribs with tomato ∙ sautéed zucchini with lily bulbs and black fungus ∙ steamed rice ∙ ginkgo and beancurd sweetened soup ∙ HealthWorks Rock Sugar with Pear Drink (椒鹽豬扒 ∙ 鮮茄燴牛仔骨 ∙ 百合木耳炒翠玉瓜 ∙ 絲苗白飯 ∙ 腐竹銀杏糖水 ∙ 健康工房冰糖雪梨飲料) - the pork chop was tasty with garlic, the short ribs came with a sauce that reminded me of Chinese-style beef tenderloin (中式牛柳). The zucchini was a little raw and crunchy.

Since it's the weekend, we decided to supplement our quarantine food with dishes from Ming Court (明閣), the hotel's Cantonese restaurant with a Michelin star.

Iberico pork belly, homemade supreme sauce, braised (西班牙黑毛豬東坡肉) - melt-in-your-mouth tenderness thanks to all the fat. Yum.

Garden green, fish maw, fresh bean curd sheet, chicken consommé, simmered (濃湯鮮竹花膠絲浸時蔬) - with leafy amaranth (莧菜) and shiitake (椎茸). Nice to have some extra veg.

2014 La Dame de Montrose - drank 1 hour after opening. Smoke and grilled meats on the nose. Classic.

Time to enjoy more cheese from The Cheese Room that the Candidate sent us:

Comté, 24 months - pretty salty with lots of salt crystals showing. Texture was more crumbly.

Comté, 36 months - smoother texture. More concentrated flavors without the salt being front-and-center, and actually almost sweeter, and definitely more nutty.

One more dawn. One more day. One day more!

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