February 7, 2023


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We know that Juve Fan has been acting as consulting chef for a new Italian joint called Ramato, which took over the old premises of Duocento 208. I love all the pasta dishes from Juve Fan but can't afford to dine there frequently. My love for Spaghetti House is also well-known among my friends, but I could never convince some people - like Foursheets and Fergie, for example - to go with me. So I kinda need a place to enjoy some decent but casual pasta that falls in the range between those two. I figured Ramato might just be that place.

Thankfully Foursheets managed to rope in Ro Ro to try out the place with us. While each of us would be ordering our own plate of pasta, we could try out a few bites and share some other dishes together.

Burrata and camone - the dome-shaped burrata from Puglia looked really cute, and it was pretty tasty. Served with camone tomatoes from Sardinia.

Bruschetta al pomodoro - I liked the tomatoes on top, but the toast was too burnt for our liking. Still enjoyed this, though.

Sautée di vongole - surprised to see these big venus clams.

Eliche Genovese - I remember how beautiful the ragù Genovese tasted on my first visit to Estro, and one bite of this from Ro Ro's plate brought those memories flooding back. The shredded beef was very, very tender, and those caramelized onions! Soooo sweet this was! I'm definitely ordering this next time!

Mezze maniche carbonara - but I just can't refuse carbonara when it's on the menu, especially when I know it's gonna be a "real" one! Wonderfully thick sauce, with Pecorino and beautiful guanciale. It was a little heavier on the cracked black pepper, and methinks we've also got some other spices working their magic. So, so happy.

Brown butter cauliflower - needed some veg to make ourselves feel healthy. Love cauliflower, but these were just a tiny bit over-seasoned for my taste.

Cannolo Siciliano - I must say the ricotta came with stronger flavors that I'm not used to. I did like the candied orange inside the cream, and also the pistachios.

I made the mistake of posting on social media while still in the restaurant, not knowing that PR8 is working with them. A few minutes later I saw Chef Matteo Caripoli walk towards our table, and we had an extra dessert whose calories I didn't need...

Ramato Tiramisù - yes, I know just about anyone can make a tiramisù, but this one was particularly good with lots of coffee. I just wish it wasn't so big...

We weren't too ambitious with our wines tonight:

2021 Argiolas Vermentino di Sardegna Merì - nose of tropical stone fruits like peaches, floral, flinty. Nice and light on the palate.

2002 BOND Matriarch - opened 1½ hours prior to decanting and served 30 minutes after decanting. Very minty, very ripe, very alcoholic. Lots of coconut butter, tons of exotic spices. Still going strong after more than 1 hour in decanter and almost 3 hours after opening. Still sharp and alcoholic on the nose, but sooooo beautiful!

Really happy with our dinner tonight, and the mission has been accomplished. I HAVE found a place to have pasta that falls in the range between Estro and Spaghetti House. YESSSSSS!!!!


megkoh said...

How about Pici? I'm not so familiar with HK restos. I've been quietly following your posts.

Peech said...

Meg, Pici is OK for casual but I think food here is a notch up


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