March 2, 2023

Old Italian favorites

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I was treated to lunch today by a service provider along with my former teammates, and Cipriani Hong Kong was chosen as the venue. These days I get to come here about once in a blue moon, so I was pretty happy that I could come back for some of my favorite dishes. I was determined to be absolutely boring.

Corn, cucumber, string beans and cherry tomatoes salad - I'm on a diet, so I chose to start the meal with just a salad. In fact, this is one of my favorite dishes here. The basil was very, very nice and fragrant, and the corn was very sweet and crunchy.

Baked white tagliolini with Praga ham - this ie the one dish that I order the most when I come. I looooove the cheese gratin. This gets me every.single.time. But the downside, though, is that this is heavily seasoned, and I find myself taking more drinks of water after eating this.

Zabaglione cake - while the others had the signature vanilla meringue cake as part of their set lunch, I went for this instead. It is much, much better, as the flavors of Marsala wine comes through the egg yolk.

I was pretty happy with lunch, and glad I had the chance to enjoy some of my old favorites again.

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