July 17, 2023

Come into my world

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We haven't seen DaRC and Ro Ro for a few weeks, so we set aside tonight for our gathering together with Chaxiubao. Not surprisingly, they chose a Chinese restaurant after traveling in Europe for a few weeks, and I was happy to get to try a Chiuchow restaurant I had never visited before. In fact, I had never heard of the restaurant... or have I?

A few years ago as I was snapping pictures of vanity licence plates on cars, I came across a plate reading "COME INTO". I was scratching my head at the time as it didn't make any sense to me. Well... we had dinner at Come-Into Chiuchow Restaurant (金燕島潮州酒家). Suddenly a light bulb lit up in my head...

Hong Kong was under the influence of a typhoon over the last day or so, and the Hong Kong Observatory only lowered their Signal No.8 after 4 p.m. today. We weren't sure whether the restaurant would open for dinner, or how prepared they would be in terms of ingredients. I guess we were taking a chance.

Not being an expert on Chiuchow cuisine (actually, am I an expert on ANY cuisine?) I opted to let DaRC do the ordering. I was just happy to eat and hang out...

Soyed goose (滷水鵝) - OK la.

Deep fried minced prawn balls (黃金蝦棗) - deep-fried ball. 'Nuff said.

Deep fried crab meat dumplings (黃金蟹棗) - deep-fried roll. OK la... although the experts were a little disappointed.

Fried satay beef with kale (玉蘭沙嗲牛肉) - I do love that "satay sauce" with beef.

Steamed diced chicken wrapped with egg wite (菊花石榴雞) - this was OK, although the experts complained that the ingredients inside weren't diced finely enough - a fair comment if one were expecting a more refined version.

Stewed cabbage with fish ball and maw (魚鰾魚蛋煮紹菜) - a simple, homey dish that Foursheets enjoyed very much.

Cold fourfinger threadfin (凍馬友) - this was a tad too salty for me but otherwise it was fine.

Oyster and minced pork in congee, Chiuchow style (蠔仔肉碎泡粥) - apparently the waitstaff took the wrong order but we decided not to send it back. I do love these simple, Chiuchow-style soupy rice and happily lapped up a bowl.

Dried fish and minced pork in congee, Chiuchow style (方魚肉碎泡粥) - we ordered the extra bowl that we were supposed to get, without the oysters. I do love getting more of the dried flounder.

Dried fried e-fu noodle, Chiuchow style (糖醋黃金伊麵) - pan-fried to a crisp on one side as usual, but personally I wish the other side were a little less wet... although that's just me. Perfect with a sprinkle of sugar and a few drops of black vinegar.

Steamed sweet crystal dumplings (鴛鴦水晶包) - with lotus seed paste and red bean paste. Happy to have a sweet ending, but unfortunately the wrappers were a little too dry and tough.

With Chaxiubao in da haus, we decided to lean heavily on sake tonight... but someone did request a ripe bottle of The Judge...

2006 Kongsgaard Chardonnay The Judge - although the palate was very ripe as expected, there was still good amount of acidity on the palate. Initially some pineapple on the nose, but after 1 hour this became dehydrated pineapple and we also got lots of vanilla oak. Really sweet and oxidized now.

Sawanoi Premium Daiginjo Koh (澤乃井 大吟醸 凰 袋採り雫酒), R3BY - seimaibuai of 35%. Aged in tobin (斗瓶) at temperatures below freezing for 2 years. Lots of banana and really sweet on the nose, with lots of starchy rice. Very rounded and smooth on the palate. Definitely sweet on the palate, but this had good depth on the palate. Really fragrant and lovely. Drinking wonderfully.

Jikon Kimoto Akaiwa Omachi (自今 きもと 赤磐雄町), 2021 - seimaibuai of 50%. Lots of starchy rice on the nose, and actually sweeter on the palate, leaner and not as rounded. With more aeration the palate got softer and more rounded, and more elegant.

Nechiotokoyama Koshitanrei Junmai Daiginjo (根知男山 越淡麗 純米大吟醸), 2016 - seimaibuai of 50%. More fermented on the nose, bigger on the palate.

Glad to have a casual and fun night out with friends.

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