July 15, 2023

Diane again

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Now that many Hong Kongers are continuing with their revenge traveling - especially for the peak summer holiday season with their kids - restaurant reservations have become much easier to come by. We were looking to check off another place Foursheets has yet to try, and Jean May came to mind. After discovering last month that the restaurant is no longer impossible to book, I was glad to see that it was possible to get a table for the weekend on short notice.

We love simple, classic dishes made well, and sometimes we want to break free from the constraints of a mandated tasting menu now prevalent at so many fine dining establishments. Jean May seems to fit the bill perfectly. This also seems to appeal to many ladies, and I noted on my second visit in 2 months that female patrons continue to dominate and account for easily 2/3 of the seats taken.

Ox tongue, beans, potato, soft-boiled egg - tender ox tongue works so well with the other ingredients which were fresh and tasty. Garnished with some chervil and red shallots.

Home-made casarecce, sausage and fennel ragù bianco - I liked the sausage a lot, and the casarecce was OK.

Beef fillet, sauce Diane - no surprise that Foursheets took this. Not the best cut of beef we are used to at the nicer establishments, of course, as this had a lot more sinews. But the steak was well-executed as one would expect, and tender to the bite.

Charred broccolini - love us some veg, and there were definitely smoky flavors from charring.

Hand-cut pommes frites - crispy on the outside and incredibly fluffy and airy inside. We couldn't resist finishing every single one.

A casual meal should be washed down with a casual bottle. I've had this bottle in my collection for over 20 years, since the time I bought it at the winery in 2001.

1992 Beringer Cabernet Sauvignon Private Reserve - served around 30 minutes after double-decanting. Lots of sweet fruit like cassis. Ripe and sweet on the palate and kinda rounded. A little smoke with some grilled meats, and oaky. A well-made wine.

A very happy return for a simple meal on Saturday night. We'll be back.

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