August 27, 2023

Supporting Japanese restaurants day 2: help your friends

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While I was trying to figure out which Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong we should be supporting at the start of the silly government seafood ban, it occurred to me that I should be supporting my restauranteur friends. And who better than RAW Yeah, the man behind the "不務正業燒肉店" Nikushou, the restaurant which always has a good selecion of Japanese seafood? I made arrangements to come and deplete some of the restaurant's supplies.

As the boss has very kindly arranged some special goodies for us - radioactive and all - he also asked the Great One to come along. After all, good friends should be able to glow in the dark together!

Chilled female Japanese snow crab (香箱蟹) - Japanese snow crab (松葉蟹) is always tasty, and apparently the boss learned the trick of stuffing meat from another crab (a male crab, no less!) into the shell. Love the ponzu (ポン酢) jelly as always.

This is not prime season for females, but there were plenty of eggs. Very tasty.

Raw oyster (牡蠣) - from Akkeshi (厚岸). Very big and very creamy, with some bitterness at the end. There was also some slightly briney flavors which turned into a sweet finish.

Next up was a duo of katsu (カツ) and one of today's highlights:

Deep-fried wagyu liver (和牛レバーカツ) - very, very tasty.

Deep-fried Hida tenderloin (飛騨牛ヒレカツ) - very nice, too.

Purple sea urchin with salmon roe (紫雲丹とイクラ) - OF COURSE we need some radioactive, glow-in-the-dark uni (雲丹). Doin' it for the 'gram! So we have a purple sea urchin from Aomori Prefecture (青森県), which was stuffed with additional tongues of white/northern purple sea urchin (白雲丹/北紫雲丹) from Hokkaido as well as some salmon roe.

The sea urchin from Aomori was a little more briny with iodine notes, while the one from Hokkaido was, as expected, sweeter and more creamy. The beauty here was that the salty, cured salmon roe made the sweetness of the sea urchin that much more prominent and noticeable, and this combination just rocked!

Wagyu and Japanese glass shrimp sushi (和牛白海老寿司) - obviously a creation for the Instagram crowd, but I gotta say that this was pretty tasty. A very sweet and satisfying bite. Just a few eggs of caviar for the salinity to pick up the flavor profile.

Chicken grunt (伊佐木) - from Nagasaki Prefecture (長崎). Served with ponzu and a big pile of shredded perilla leaves and myoga (茗荷), which left a lovely blend of fragrance in the mouth.

Next up, the restaurant finally serves up the yakiniku that it's supposedly famous for...

Australian ox tongue (オーストラリア牛タン) - in all my visits here - and there have been around two dozen - I have never seen the ox tongue trimmed to look as pretty as today. Still very, very tasty as always. Love the springy texture.

Bushu eye of knuckle (武州牛シンシン) - from Saitama Prefecture (埼玉県).

Sendai top shoulder blade (仙台牛ミスジ) - this is one of my favorite cuts for yakiniku.

It only took a total of 14 seconds - about 7 seconds on each side - to cook this to the right doneness.

Nikushouyaki sirloin (肉匠焼き サーロイン) - the signature dish of the restaurant.

Thanks to additional fat, grilling this always produces flames shooting up. Quite a spectacular show.

Melon - always nice to finish with a slice of very ripe and juicy melon.

This was a pretty big lunch and we left very satisfied. I'm happy to be able to support our friend, and always grateful that he always keeps us in mind whenever there is something special. We'll be back soon enough.

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