December 25, 2023

Dry aged in Taipei

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It's Christmas day and once again, the Parental Units are at my place for dinner. While we pandered to mom's tastes last night, tonight we are firming aiming to make dad happy. And that is easily achieved with a piece of good steak. On the advice of Big Mac, we went to Taylor Butchery (泰勒肉鋪) and picked up a nice, big piece of dry-aged côte de bœuf. And Foursheets built a nice dinner around this hunk of meat.

We started with some cream of mushroom soup that mom loves. We went around to a few places in search of some dried mushrooms for the soup, and picked up some dried morels from Breeze Super.

Garlic bread - I managed to pick up a baguette from La Boutique de Joël Robuchon, et voila! Foursheets turned it into fresh garlic bread in our kitchen.

Carrot and arugula salad - I saw these beautiful red, orange, and yellow carrots at Breeze Super, and matched them with round-leaf (astro?) arugula since mom loves it.

Dry-aged grass-fed and grain-finished natural U.S. bone-in ribeye - this looked absolutely beautiful after searing for a few minutes.

Foursheets played it safe and cooked the beef sous vide, making use of my decade-old SousVide Supreme that has been neglected for years. I'd say this was perfect for us, and the meat around the bone did show some of that fermented, cheese-like flavor one finds in dry-aged beef. Dad was pretty happy.

Crème caramel - mom's favorite dessert, and I was glad we picked up vanilla pods locally. I love these, too, so I inhaled my portion.

I wanted to drink a nice bottle tonight, but didn't plan it well enough... and ended up opening a red Burg to go with a smoky steak.

2009 Lucien Le Moine Volnay 1er Cru Les Caillerets - drank 20 minutes after decanting. Showing leather, dark fruits, and a hint of floral fragrance. After 40 minutes this was bigger on the palate, and very smooth on the palate after 1 hour, showing silky textures. On the nose now showing a little grilled meats... yeah, definitely on the meaty side now.

This was a really good dinner, and the Parental Units were definitely happy and satisfied. Very grateful to be able to spend quality time with family, and I'm also appreciative of Foursheets' efforts in cooking.

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