January 15, 2024

Sul volcano

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A few days ago I was browsing through SoraNews24, my go-to source for interesting eats in Japan, when I saw that Domino's is offering a pizza named the Cheese Volcano (チーズボルケーノ) in Japan. This looked like a lot of fun, as one can dip slices of pizza into a "lava" made with cheese. It's exactly the kind of fun, gimmicky stuff that I love. Unfortunately, Domino's exited Hong Kong years ago, and I didn't have plans to visit Japan in the immediate future.

Well... as I was looking out from my taxi in Taipei yesterday, I happened to pass by a Domino's and see them advertise the same vulcano pizza. This is not something I could take down on my own, so I quickly rounded up the Prince of Napa to be my partner in crime, as he's pretty close by. I'm grateful he was a good sport.

I chose the cheese volcano quattro pizza (起司火山四喜披薩), which has four different flavors on one 16-inch pie. I think three of the flavors were Hawaiian (夏威夷), Broccoli vegetarian (青花菜蔬), and Extravaganza (超級豪華). The delivery was surprisingly quick, but then again, their nearest location to me is just a few minutes by scooter.

Each slice is taken by cutting at the foot of the volcano, leaving the crater intact. Then the slice can be dipped into the melted cheese lava for added flavors, although it's probably easier to spoon the cheese onto each slice. After all the slices have been consumed, the crater ring that's left behind is, of course, also edible. It's just pizza crust, after all!

The Prince of Napa was kind enough to bring over a bottle from... where else? Napa Valley.

2017 Pott Cabernet Sauvignon Actaeon Quixote Vineyard - smoky, minty, earthy, really ripe and extracted fruit. Definitely very alcoholic. Another typical Napa cab.

Very grateful to my friend for indulging me, and for the alcohol.


Anonymous said...

You get to eat some of the most sublime food in the world, and then some of the most revolting.

Peech said...

This is nothing compared to Kraft mac and cheese that has been expired for 7 years...

Markus Schmidt said...

I remember a past post on Pizza with snake soup, and that's just as gimmicky. Have you tried Fiata or Little Napoli in HK? I took the kids to Fiata a few weeks ago, and it was very good.....


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