May 26, 2008

Pawned again

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Needed a place for dinner last night, and decided to give the Pawn another try. Fortunately they weren't so packed on a Sunday night, and I got us a table with an early seating.

Apparently per restaurant policy, they wouldn't serve us the yummy scotched eggs from the bar downstairs. I was a little upset, but it meant that we started with the roasted bone marrow with parsley and lemon. Three bone sections were presented on a plate, sprinkled with chopped bits of parsley and lemon rind. I love the rich, oily taste of the bone marrow, and I hungrily dug in with my spoon. My cousin Maria couldn't quite get used to the taste, but me? I used a bit of bread to mop up the runny oil left on the plate...

For main course I picked the classic fish and chips, based on the recommendation from one of the owners on my last visit. The plate was huge, as was everything on it. The batter was crispy and yummy, with so much oil soaked in it that the aftertaste was wonderful. The fat fries were also crispy and stayed that way. The peas were not mushy. It was just as had been promised.

We ordered three desserts to share: the Eaton mess plus the lemon trifle and the treacle tart which I had on my last visit. All were excellent, with perhaps the Eaton mess being the most interesting due to its presentation - it was a messy pile of strawberries and cream and other ingredients.

I had brought along a bottle of 2005 Guigal Condrieu La Doriane. It showed a nose of minerals, citrus lemon and a bit of butter; with a medium sweet palate and a "hot" and spicy finish. It was a yummy wine, but disappointing to me because it did not taste like a Condrieu. Where was the overpowering floral nose that comes from the Viognier? Frankly this wine tasted like a Chardonnay from a ripe vintage - in fact it tastes like a 2005 white Burgundy. I cannot help but feel a little cheated.

Anyway, we had a very enjoyable meal, and I look forward to my next visit where I'd begin with some scotched eggs at the bar...

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