January 6, 2011

A cold night in Macau

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I needed to go to Macau tonight for an emergency board meeting, and decided to visit an old favorite for dinner.  I've been going to Estabelecimento de Comida Portuguesea Porto Exterior for the last few years, and found their Portuguese cuisine to be pretty yummy.  It's reasonably close to the ferry terminal and too short of a cab ride, so we braved the cold weather and trekked over on foot.

The chouriço assadas was a nice way to start the meal.

Bacalhao à braz - pretty big portion...  The deep-fried and shredded potato was great, and the chunks of bacalhao were relatively big but tasty nonetheless.  As usual the combination of everything was good, and I only wish I had 3 more stomachs so I could finish it all.

Arroz de pato no forno - another dish I never get tired of ordering... The rice was slightly soggier than I preferred, but it was just as tasty as I wanted.  The duck meat inside was moist, and the layer of rice crackling was very nice.  

We were completely stuffed, so we decided to walk on foot to the venue for the meeting, along Macau's scenic waterfront.  

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