January 30, 2011

The engagement party

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I got a text message from Pineapple yesterday inviting me for a drink tonight.  I was curious about the timing as it would be late on a Sunday evening, but I didn't think much about it as the venue was at Classified in Happy Valley - a stone's throw from my place.  I just assumed this would be a get-together for us to check out the new joint.

I arrived to the news that my host had just come out of the closet gotten engaged.  We had been expecting this to happen at some point, and we were quick to congratulate the happy couple.  There was, of course, good wines being served so we didn't hesitate, either!

1989 Le Gay - in true Pineapple style, he served his namesake wine for the crowd.  This was classic Pomerol and drank very well.

1989 Rayas - I had higher expectations for this wine, but the initial whiff showed a slightly cooked and pruny nose, along with earth and minerals.  I guess the wine just needed more time to air before being drunk.  It also didn't help that a few cigars had been lit by this time and smoke filled the room.

1990 Latour - this was courtesy of a friend who had brought his leftover wines from dinner.  Very classic, with mint, smoke, a hint of sweet grass.  Lovely wine.

2003 Coche-Dury Meursault - another leftover, but so enjoyable!  I've always loved Coche-Dury and this was just classic.  Big nose of toast, with underlying sweet, buttery corn.  I can just drink this all day!

Congratulations to the happy couple for taking the plunge!

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