March 13, 2011

O Victoria!

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A couple of friends came into town and wanted some dim sum.  As this was a last-minute change of plans on a Sunday morning, I figured one of the best places to go would be Victoria City Seafood Restaurant (海都海鮮酒家).  It's been a while since any of us was last there, so this would be a welcome visit to an old friend.

Century eggs and tofu (皮蛋豆腐) - actually a very Taiwanese dish, with pork floss on the side and a thick soy sauce as dressing.

Baked flaky pastries with ham and spring onion (黃橋燒餅) - my favorite adaption of the Shanghainese classic without the ham (蟹殼黃).  This is an item that I always order here, and I pay no attention to the amount of oil that seeps out once I've taken a bite.  I'd always try to have two of these if I could.

Deep-fried salt water dumplings (咸水角) - pretty good ones.

Beef offal (牛雜) - actually this was full of both beef and pig offal, with parts like honeycomb tripe, beef tendon, beef liver, pig skin and pig's lung.  Done pretty well.

Baked barbecue pork buns (雪山叉燒餐包) - pretty yummy with that slightly flaky crust.

Deep-fried Bombay duck (椒鹽九肚魚) - always one of my favorite dishes to order around here.  The fish is just sooo light and fluffy... that it melts in your mouth.

Pan-fried rice flour rolls with XO sauce (XO醬煎腸粉) - the portion of this classic dish seems to have shrunk in the last few years while I was away, but this still tasted good.

Shredded chicken (手撕雞) - kinda different for this to have included the skin, but it was OK.

Steamed sponge cake (馬拉糕) - this was the layered version with egg yolk.  Not bad.

I'm really glad I finally had a chance to come back after being away for a few years.  The old favorites are still here, and still yummy.  Comfort food is great.

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