March 20, 2011

Three-star dim sum

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I had to miss part 2 of the HK chowmeet (read about part 1 here) because of Tigger, so in return he promised to make things up to me by buying lunch at Sun Tung Lok (新同樂), the venue of the chowmeet.  It's been a year and a half since I first had dim sum at the old location - just a block from home back then - and the restaurant now has the distinction of being the second Chinese restaurant to have three macarons after moving to its present location.

Four of us jointly ordered up a lot of food, which includes dim sum items as well as other dishes.

Steamed shrimp dumplings (水晶鮮蝦餃) - this was OK but the skin stuck to my plate and broke as I picked it up with my chopsticks.  Mrs. Tigger found a bug inside her dumpling, which was pretty upsetting and disturbing for a restaurant of this caliber.

Steamed scallop, shrimp and kale dumplings (玉蘭帶子餃) - this was not bad.

Deep-fried minced pork dumplings (金牌醎水角) - didn't get to have one of these...

Steamed barbecued pork bun (蜜汁叉燒包) - the filling was of high quality, so it was very delicious.

Pan-fried turnip cake with preserved meat (煎臘味蘿蔔糕) - these were more dense and solid than I expected... but the taste was fairly good.

Baked ham and spring onion cake (火腿焗燒餅) - I've always loved this variation of the Shanghainese baked spring onion cake (蟹殼黃), and this one was almost the best I've had in Hong Kong.  Not as much ham inside but the spring onions were drenched in oil (probably lard...).  Mmm mmm good.

Steamed rice flour rolls with shredded turnip, enoki and Yunnan ham (金包銀絲腸粉) - these were pretty good... they took they basic 炸兩 and added some yummy filling inside.  I'd order these again!

Baked abalone puff (特色鮑魚酥) - I remember these from my first visit, so I ordered them again.  Very yummy.  The puff pastry was just perfect, and the filling was delicious.  Definitely a highlight today.

Braised prime rib of beef with house gravy (燒汁乾逼牛肋骨) - these were soooo yummy... Really soft and tender, lots of flavor, and lots of melted fat glistening under the light.

Aromatic crab in casserole (奇香將軍蟹煲) - I don't know why they keep using the expression 將軍 in the descriptions of these casseroles, but they sure taste good!  The glass vermicelli from Taiwan came out pretty moist, and soaked up all the fragrance and flavors from other ingredients such as basil, spring onions and soy sauce.  The crab was pretty sweet, too.  Mrs. Tigger really liked this one...

Fried glutinous rice with preserved meat (生炒臘味糯米飯) - not bad at all.  Rice grains were definitely dry and chewy, with lots of diced sausage and a huge amount of dried shrimps.

Baked water chestnut cake (酥皮馬蹄糕) - this was not so good... I think they were trying to do too much with this.  They've taken the traditional water chestnut pudding and sandwiched it between layers of puff pastry, then added a glaze on top of the puff pastry.  While the puff pastry was good, the water chestnut pudding was only OK.  I couldn't get the sweet and fresh flavors I wanted from water chestnuts.

This was a cute rabbit marshmallow that was part of the deluxe dessert selection.

This was a very filling and delicious lunch.  No doubt I'll be making a return trip very soon to try out many of the other dishes.

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