November 10, 2011

Huit par Hermé

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I never miss a chance to load up on Pierre Hermé's macarons whenever I see them, and this past trip to Paris was no exception.  I was glad to be able to try out a few new flavors.

Truffe Blanche et Noisette - the most awesome flavor, EVER.  Once the lid is open on the box, it's hard not to notice the fragrance of white truffles hitting you...  My second year of grabbing these when they are in season.

Rose - lovely floral fragrance, best to start with this and move on to the bigger hitters.

Americano Pamplemousse - very nice flavors of grapefruit, with grapefruit rind seemingly marinated in Campari.

Crème Brûlée - that vanilla flavor was pretty obvious...

Infiniment Caramel - just can't beat salted butter caramel...

Pietra - hazelnut inside and out.

Azur - looks like pure chocolate on the outside, but with the extra acidity and a hint of fragrance provided by yuzu rind.

Infiniment chocolat Sur del Lago - wow!  I've been underwhelmed in recent years by chocolate desserts, but this one surprised on the upside.  The single source chocolate from Venezuela was really, really good.

A little slice of heaven, these macarons...  Now I wonder what got into me when I was in the shop... Should have taken one of every flavor!


Hälsporren said...

Wow! I have wanted to try something made by Pierre Hermé for a long time. Lucky you. I need to go to Paris again.

Michelle Chin said...

how come no pictures. T_T


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