November 2, 2012

Yummy food that don't work with red wine

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A few weeks after an impressive showing at the Masseto tasting I hosted, the MNSC boys gathered again at Megan's Kitchen (美味廚).  It's a full house again tonight, as our host Gayliao is back from his globetrotting that caused him to miss out on the Massetos.  One of the benefits of hosting at this location is the casual environment… evidenced by our host showing up to dinner in his flip-flops!  That has got to be a first in MNSC's 11-year history…

The menu tonight was exactly the same as what we had on our last visit, when Curry Jayer hosted his debut.  So once again we were fed lots of really delicious food, but - being deep-fried, sprinkled with garlic and chili, or simply being shellfish like crabs and prawns - they weren't exactly wine-friendly…

Deep-fried tofu cubes (黃金豆腐粒) - the light coating of salty egg yolk was pretty yummy.

Deep-fried Bombay duck (椒鹽九肚魚) - always happy to be having this light and fluffy fish.

Deep-fried cuttlefish (椒鹽脆鮮魷) - the color seemed much darker tonight compared to last time… wonder why that is.  Still tasty, though.

Double-boiled soup with pork and walnut (滋補核桃豬腱湯) - I hesitated on this as I didn't want to fill out my stomach space, but eventually gave it and enjoyed this delicious soup.

Deep-fried prawn toast (脆炸鮮海蝦多士) - so yummy.  I initially took only one but later on in the evening, I couldn't resist having a second - even though I knew it had already gone cold.

Deep-fried stuffed chicken wings (糯米飯釀脆雞翼) - much better than I remembered from last time.  This time the stuffing had diced preserved sausage inside, lending a lot more flavor and texture.  I had two of these like last time, but someone else (Ahem!) had four

Stir-fried crabs with scallions, ginger and rice vermicelli (薑蔥炒本地大肉蟹伴炒米粉) - no, not red wine friendly at all, but who cares?!  The pan-fried vermicelli soaked up all the sauce with crab flavor, so you can imagine how delicious it was.

Pan-fried ox tongue with honey marinade (香煎蜜糖汁咸牛脷) - I couldn't resist taking a second piece, and dousing it in honey glaze.  As with many other dishes tonight, I wish I had a bottom-less stomach for this...

Tofu with truffled minced pork (黑松露免治豚肉絹豆腐) - really fragrant and yummy, but I was getting pretty full by this point.

Boned steamed chicken with galanga (秘制去骨沙薑雞) - pretty good stuff, but already full.

Stir-fried kale with ginger sauce (薑汁炒碧綠芥蘭) - managed to eat a decent portion of this to make sure I had enough veggies for the day.  Very sweet.

There was plenty of wine for the evening, now that we have 8 members and were fully accounted for.

1980 Dom Pérignon en magnum - nutty, caramel, really sweet on the nose, with marzipan, desiccated coconut that got stronger like coconut butter.  Really delicious and beautiful.  Possibly not kept in perfect condition, but the accelerated aging actually made it into something that's right up my alley.

First flight:
1972 Comte de Vogüé Bonnes Mares - fragrant, almost floral, animal, leather, grassy and almost a little corked, sweet like Chinese licorice, and osmanthus notes. 91 points.

1972 Comte de Vogüé Musigny - animal notes, denser, minty with black cherries. 92 points

Second flight:
1989 Joseph Drouhin Musigny - muted nose with some black fruits.

1990 Joseph Drouhin Musigny - forest notes, more concentrated.  Definitely tasting younger than the 1989.

Third flight:
1989 Lafite-Rothschild - bretty, minty, forest, cedar, and a little sharp on the nose after a while.  Sweet on the palate.

1989 Margaux - more medicinal and a little sharper on the nose.  Not drinking as well as the bottle I had last week.

Fourth flight:
1989 Mouton-Rothschild - exotic and sweet, smoky, leather, bacon fat and a big coffee nose.  Very nice. 95 points.

1989 Cheval Blanc - smoky, fragment, cigar smoke, toasty corn. 94 points.

This was a very enjoyable evening, with great food and delicious wines.  Hic...

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