March 16, 2014

Old school brekkie

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There aren't many visits to Macau where I get to stay overnight, so despite going to bed late last night (or actually early this morning) I dragged myself out of bed for an early breakfast.  There is an old school Cantonese tea house that I'd always wanted to visit, having seen it featured on a TV program some time ago.  Thanks to my friend KC's Macau dining guide, I was able to identify it as Casa de Cha Lung Wa (龍華茶樓).  So two of us hopped into a taxi and headed off in that direction...

It was early but a couple of tables had already been occupied.  The walls were cluttered with various types of artwork - both classical Chinese and modern Western.  This is a DIY tea house, so you pick your tea, add your own hot water to the teapot, and go pick up the dim sum items from a station.

Steamed beef meatballs (山竹牛肉) - yum.  Very soft and bouncy texture, with nice flavors of tangerine peel (陳皮).

Steamed siu mai (切肉燒賣) - more solid yet chewier than expected.  Very old school.

Pan-fried radish pudding (煎蘿蔔糕) - very powdery and fell apart easily, but at least you could taste the radish flavors.

Steamed glutinous rice (蒸糯米飯) - just had a craving for this, with pieces of preserved sausage.  This was OK, but the clumps of sticky rice ended up sitting in my stomach for a while...

Steamed barbecued pork buns (叉燒包) - these were very good.

The "skin" was fluffy without being soggy.  Nicely done.

Steamed pork ribs with black beans (豆豉蒸排骨) - very fatty as expected...

A very good brekkie, and I'm glad I finally made it here.  On our way out we chatted with the boss, who gave us postcards they made for their 50th anniversary - featuring a painting from artist Sun Ho (何紹新).  This little gem is a piece of Macanese history, and I hope to come back for brunch again some day...

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