May 19, 2014

Pit stop, no dessert

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I'm back in Singapore on a business trip, attending a conference hosted by our friendly prime broker.  Naturally there was a cocktail thingy at Ku De Ta on top of Marina Bay Sands, where we got to enjoy fabulous views of the city.  There was plenty of finger food, and we even started with some yummy gelato from Momolato.  But the boss wanted some real food, and so did I.

I did say to myself on my last trip to the Lion City that I might just have to come to Candlenut on each visit.  I was seriously craving the cendol cream, as well as other yummy savory dishes.  So I definitely had my own tastebuds in mind when I told the cab driver our destination.  But hey, it's the boss' first trip to Singapore, and he needs to be exposed to Peranakan cuisine, right?

As there were only two of us and we weren't exactly starving, I kept the ordering to a minimum.

Satay ayam - very, very tender and tasty chicken thighs...  If only all satays could be this yummy.

Sambal "choking" sotong - loved this dish, and thought it might appeal since I remembered (somewhat incorrectly) that the boss takes spicy food.  Turns out that this was a little too spicy for him, which is not surprising... The kick really builds up after a while, and by the time you realize it...  Still, I love this dish.  And you end up polishing off lots of rice along with it.

Yellow coconut curry of blue swimmer crab, wild ginger, pineapple, baby ladies fingers kaffir lime - since the boss was into seafood and crab, I figured I'd order this up.  Despite claims that this ain't exactly Peranakan, I still found it very yummy from my first visit.  Nice and creamy. More white rice down the hatch.  Gobble gobble gobble.

Just as I was getting ready to get to the main event, I was devastated when the boss declared that he didn't want any dessert...  WHAT?!  But I came here for their dessert....! Boo hoo...  I decided I didn't wanna look like a pig by ordering desserts and eating it alone.  I'll just have to get my chendol fix another way...

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