August 29, 2014

High end dim sum next door

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I had another occasion to lunch for work today, and chose to take our client to Sun Tung Lok Chinese Cuisine (新同樂魚翅酒家) since it's nearby.  It's been a while since I've had dim sum from Sun Tung Lok, and I thought the quality was certainly good enough for a client lunch.

Steamed rice flour rolls with shredded turnip, enoki and Yunnan ham (金包銀絲腸粉) - I've always liked this dish, and yeah it was pretty satisfying.  Love the crunch inside.

Baked abalone puff (特色鮑魚酥) - somehow not as good as I remembered.  The slices of abalone inside were a little too chewy today.

Baked ham and spring onion cake (火腿焗燒餅) - oooooh baby, come to papa!  These were pretty decent in terms of size, and maybe my tastes have changed since last year, but today I liked the abundance of lard.  Yum.

Conpoy and shrimp dumpling in supreme soup (上湯瑤柱鮮蝦水餃) - these were pretty good, and the soup made things very classic.

Pan-fried bun with wagyu in black pepper sauce (黑椒和牛生煎包) - I had initially wanted to order steamed preserved vegetable and pork bun (梅菜皇扣肉包), but the staff convinced to change to something else with preserved leafy mustard (梅菜)... and somehow I ended up with this - probably because this featured Japanese beef and was more expensive.  Anyway, this was very yummy, and I was burping up black pepper and onions for the rest of the afternoon...

Stir-fried kailan with ginger sauce (薑汁炒芥藍) - very nicely done, with reasonably young kailan (芥藍) and the skin shaved off the stems.  Wonderfully crunchy.

The client had never been to Sun Tung Lok and left suitably impressed.  And why wouldn't he have been?  The food was definitely top-notch.

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