February 29, 2016

Return to Thailand day 1: 'sup, niga?

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I've been on a self-imposed exile from Thailand for the last seven years.  After reading about the completely heartless way the Thai government chose to treat the Rohingya refugees (and I thought Thailand was a nation of devout Buddhists?) back in 2008-9, I decided that I would no longer support Thailand by giving them my tourist money.  I stopped coming, and treated the country like a deadzone when I planned trips.  After all, there is so much to see in the world!

But an invitation to attend the awards for Asia's 50 Best Restaurants, which was held in Bangkok for the first time this year instead of Singapore, was to be the one invitation that I couldn't turn down.  Especially since I had turned down an invitation to attend last year's event as I was working to launch a new fund.

I got into the city during lunch time, and dropped off my bags at the Pullman Bangkok Hotel G since my room wasn't ready.  The staff had suggested that I take lunch at the on-premise burger joint, but there was just no way that would work for me.  I's gonna have me somethin' local!

I pinged Chubby Hubby about meeting up later, and he suggested that I go grab lunch at Supanniga Eating Room since it's close by.  Apparently a couple of chefs from Singapore were having lunch there.  I'd seen pictures posted by the Great One of her meal there a couple of days ago, so I figured it wouldn't hurt...

So I walked past W Bangkok, turn in at Soi 10 Sathorn, and kept walking until I saw the sign.  It was now about 1:30 p.m. and the Singaporean chefs are nowhere to be found.  I did see a table occupied by a Japanese contingent, and realized that the guy in the middle was Yamamoto Seiji (山本征治) from RyuGin (龍吟).  I am seated a couple of tables away by the door, and order a few dishes.

Ma hor (ม้าฮ่อ) - little dabs of stir-fried minced pork with garlic and peanuts.  I hadn't seen these things served on butterflied mandarin wedges before, and this was perfect.  The sweetness and slight tanginess of the mandarin orange helped to temper and douse the heat from the bird's eye chili.

Pu jah (ปูจ๋า) - little crab shells stuffed with a blend of crabmeat and pork, then steamed.

These were actually pretty tasty, although the texture was a little denser than I had expected.  And there were a few bits of crab shell in the stuffing, which was a shame.

Khai jiew goong (ไข่เจียวกุ้ง) - an omelet stir-fried at high heat with lots of oil, with diced prawns.  The prawns were a little overcooked, and this thing was damn greasy...

Thai tea panna cotta - this was actually pretty tasty.  I'm very fond of Thai iced tea, and putting those flavors into a wobbly panna cotta is a very good idea.

I was pretty full, having devoured all but half of the greasy omelet by myself.  The food was pretty decent, but I wish I had come with more mouths.  Next time!

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