March 22, 2017

Once more for nostalgia's sake

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A few weeks ago, I found out that an old favorite restaurant of mine is closing.  My first time dining at W's Entrecôte was probably shortly after I arrived in Hong Kong more than 20 years ago, and its no-nonesense, straightforward offering of steak frites and other classics haven't changed much since then.

I can't say that I've been a regular of the place, but whenever I was in the mood for some steak frites, this was the place to go.  From time to time I'd even bring along a bottle of wine, and I've also attended an event or two with the Commanderie de Bordeaux, as the restaurant's owner Wilson Kwok is an active chapter member.

So I'm feeling a little sad upon hearing the news that the restaurant is closing after 23 years, and figured that I should come and bid farewell.  So here we are tonight, just 4 weeks before closing.

Paper is laid on top of the red-and-white checkered tablecloth, which allows the staff to scribble down each diner's order.  No more confusion about who gets what at the table.

Escargots à l'Alsacienne, sur les champignons - ah... OF COURSE I had to get the escargots!  Love the fact that they come on top of mushrooms sitting in mash, and were drenched in garlic butter.  Slurp.

Australian Angus entrecôte, 8 oz. - figured I'd go for the 8 oz. this time instead of the usual 6 oz.  Ordered it rare, and it came pretty rare - which is great.  Looove the herbal butter sauce that's all over the beef.  In fact, I should have asked for more sauce...

You can always ask for extra fries, but usually I don't have the stomach space for it.  Tonight, however, I made it a point to finish my fries and asked for extras.  Yum.

Millefeuille, crème Anglaise parfumée au Brandy de pêche - they didn't have profiteroles tonight, so I got the millefeuille instead.  Nothing to complain about here!  Very classic.

I also took a glass of house red wine with my dinner.  Didn't bother asking what it was, but I figured it would at least be drinkable given this is Wilson's place.  And it wasn't bad at all... especially at the price of HKD 40 a glass.

I've actually never gone to any of the newer steak frites restaurants that have opened up in the last few years, because it was always easier for me to come here.  After next month, I guess I'll have to look elsewhere to get my fix...

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Ami said...

Hope you find a place you like.


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