July 3, 2018

Europe 2018 day 4: In Bruges

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After our very long lunch at Hertog Jan, we returned to Bruges to try to do a little bit of sightseeing.  The UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Historical Center of Bruges is not large, and everything is within walking distance from our hotel.

Hello Kitty had wanted to visit a few of the historic windmills, so we walked towards the canal at the eastern end. Sint-Janshuismolen and Koeleweimolen are among the ones still standing and are actually open to visitors, but unfortunately we only got back to town after visitor hours had finished.

We pass by Hotel Van Cleef again on our way to the main town square, and find a pair of swans swimming past.

Back at the Markt, tourists were all around the square trying to snap pictures of the historic buildings, including the famous Belfry of Bruges.  We hung out for a little bit but it wasn't long before we met up with The Dining Austrian for dinner.

Due to some communication issues, neither of us had booked a table at a particular Michelin 2-star restaurant in town... which was just as well since our lunch was very filling.  But it did leave us in a predicament about where to go for dinner on short notice.  Our friend relied on his hotel concierge, and we eventually ended up at Brasserie Raymond just a few steps away from the Markt.

Croquettes de crevettes grises maison - I've been loving these grey shrimps from the North Sea, and I thought I'd get myself some more.  The croquettes were a little more brown than I would normally prefer, but the flavors inside were pretty good.

Vol au vent royal, ris de veau et crevettes grises - I love vol au vent, and it's not something I see often.  So I went for this "royal" version with a ton of stuff on top, including chicken, chicken meatballs, sweet breads, mushrooms, and more grey shrimps.

2015 Samuel Billaud Chablis 1er Cru Les Fourchaumes - crisp acidity.

Dinner didn't turn out to be as light and easy-going as I had wanted to be, but at least it wasn't a 3-hour affair.  I was getting a little tired and we wanted to catch up on the England-Colombia match for the World Cup, so we retired early back to the hotel...

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