July 28, 2018

Lunch #2 with bongwater

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Not long after I nibbled on some overpriced Russian canned food, I went over to Caprice Bar to see Hairy Legs and Victor.  This was my real lunch date, and I brought along a bottle of bongwater that I had carried all the way back from Paris.

First came a plate of charcuterie...

Then there was the croque monsieur with truffle.

Just look at the melted cheese...  This was MUCH better than the canned stuff I had earlier.  Meanwhile, Hairy Legs polished off the "salad" on the side so he could report back to the missus about his healthy lunch...

But the main event - besides discussing a little business about my upcoming wine dinner - was the wine.  And I was pretty excited about opening this magnum...

2015 Ganevat Le p'tiot Roukin, en magnum - very fragrant and fruity.  After 25 minutes floral notes came out, with leather, a little metallic and iron rust, also toasty.  Beautiful wine!

2004 Grange des Pères - animal, a hint of savory notes, a little honey, some herbs, and pollen.  Very smooth on the palate.

A very enjoyable afternoon, and I'm expecting a knock-out menu when I come back next week.

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